Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, I think this is the 5th time I 've run this clip.  It's a great Thanksgiving tradition.

I hope you all have a great holiday, and hope to hear from you on Cyber-Monday.

Bizarro - Turkey Club


CYBER MONDAY–The Challenge


As you probably know, Monday, December 2 has been dubbed, "Cyber Monday".  But is it really as an antiquated concept as buggy whips?  I mean, the Monday after Thanksgiving was named that because people would use their work's faster internet connections to do their shopping.

Is that really an issue now?  I mean, fast internet isn't just in your home, but it's on your phone.  Are people really waiting until they get to the office to hit Amazon?

So, let's repurpose "CYBER MONDAY".

One week from today, Monday, December 2**, post something, anything on your blog.  You've got a week.  Let's take the internet back from the shopper and the Facebookers* and celebrate "blog world" for at least one day.

Post what ever you want.  Even if it's just before/after pictures of your Thanksgiving plate.  (American's only.  I know Thursday isn't an international holiday.)

When you're done, swing back by Scope-Tech here and post a link.

And maybe catch up with an old friend.

And isn't friends and family one of the things we're all thankful for?

* I know the irony of the fact that I posted this on Facebook, and spend much more time on Facebook than on my blog, but I really do miss the "long form" of the blog.

** Corrected to the correct date, Monday, December 2nd.


Happy 9th




I'm so glad to for today.

9 years ago, my super fantastic, wonderful, amazing wife became…

The Girl Who Lived.


For Drying Out Loud

I have a confession to make.

I have a new favorite website, The United States Drought Monitor.

I grew up on a farm, so rainfall and the water table is something I still have an interest in.  Like following your childhood baseball team, even after you've lost interest in baseball in general.

Below is the current drought map.

Not bad, really.  Illinois and Iowa have been running a little dry this fall.  But that's okay.  The growing season is over, and the harvest is wrapping up.  They can wait a little while for the rain.

We had a nice rain storm blow through here on Halloween.  While one rain won't break a drought, this was a good couple of day soaker, that should at least roll back the drought index a little.

To watch the drought spread and dissipate, watch the below animation.  (FYI – based on the data from 7 am Tuesday, it is updated every Thursday at 8:30 am.)

So, do you have any favorite geeky websites?