Jumpin' On The Meme Bandwagon

Over on this little microblogging website call "The Facebook" (have you heard of it?) there's this 6 picture meme going around.

There are all kinds of them.

One for teachers:


One for living with chronic pain:


So, being a Photoshop sort of guy, I couldn't let this meme get too old before I jumped on the bandwagon.

So, what topic should I choose?


The hardest part of it was finding the picture in the upper right corner while the stepdaughter kept coming into the room!

Have a good weekend, all.  There's a mild bug going around our condo, and I've got it at the moment.  So I can sure use the sleep.


A Kiss Of Grammar


Back in high school, I read the following in Ann Landers in my local paper. (Apparently from Oct. 11, 1982). I cut it out back in the day, and remember running across the slip of paper off and on thru my life. I haven't seen it in years, so it must be lost in the sands of time. Thanks to the internet for helping me find it.

Here's the text (in case you don't want to squint at the clipping):

  • A kiss is a noun because it is both common and proper.
  • A kiss is a pronoun because she stands for it.
  • A kiss is a verb because it is either active or passive.
  • A kiss is an adverb because it modifies the art.
  • A kiss is an interjection because it shows strong and sudden feeling.
  • A kiss is a conjunction because it connects.

I know it's a little late for Valentine's Day, but every day is Valentine's Day when you're in love, right?


Guitar Heroes


Love is…

Doing a Harry Potter post for your wife on Valentine's Day.

Do whatever makes your loved-ones happy today (and every day) even if is society doesn't view it as "romantic".



It's A Major Award: Padded Cell Princess

A week or so ago, The Padded Cell Princess gave me this award: 

C OC Mommy

So you, Princess, you want learn more about me?  Well, let me give 5 not so random facts about me.  I figure that since I've been blogging for over 3 years and 650 post, some of the newer folks around these parts might enjoy a little cheat-sheet.

1 – I started writing as "Scope" in the fall of 1984.  For 3.5 years, I wrote a column for my college newspaper under the pen name "Scope".  I probably averaged over 3 posts a week on whatever topic was on my mind.  It was very much like blogging LONG before the concept of a "blog" had been thought up.  Here's a LINK to a post with one of those "Daily Other" columns.

2 – In 2002, I was unemployed for a year.  (53 weeks to be exact.)  Being a bored tech guy with a tonne of free time, I set up a GeoCities account (remember those), where I would post content for friends and family.  There was a section on the site call "Scope-Tech".  To post anything to the site, you had to load the whole HTML page and it was a real pain in the @$$, so after my sabbatical was over, I just didn't have time to devote to keeping it up-to-date.  GeoCities is now dead, but I did resurrect a lot of the Scope-Tech content in my earliest blog posts.

3 – In 2008, I was at the summer party for some college friends.  (Yes, doing the math, you will see I've know them a LONG time!)  The wife had had various renditions of this party most every summer since graduation, and I'd been to most.  At this party was another one of their friends who went to the same college that we did, but started after we graduated.  The funny thing is, this was the first time we'd ever met, even though we had dozens of the same friends.  Heck, I even crashed out on her cousin's couch one night.  We got to talking, and she showed me her blog.  Blog?  What is this?  I started following her, and commenting, and then commenting on other commenters blogs.  I was commenting for about 2 months before I started my own blog.  While Gwen doesn't really post much anymore, my first commenter, Candy, is still rockin' blogworld.

4 – I met my wife, Cora, through blogging.  The first comment I ever left her was on THIS POST, and it translates to: "I want to hide a spy-camera in your house to watch you exercise."  I'm so SMOOOOOTH, no wonder she couldn't resist me.  I flew 2,000 miles to suburban Seattle for our first date.  I stayed at a Comfort Inn.  444 days later, in the breakfast room of that same Comfort Inn, we had our rehearsal dinner.

5 – Growing up, I never really imagined being married.  And I never once thought of having kids.  As I entered my 40's, I had pretty much given up on meeting "The One".  I had even come to terms with with it.  And now, I can't imagine life without my wife and child.  I'm plunging into the unimagined future and can't wait to see what's next.

If you want more random facts, I once did a post with over 100 random facts about myself.  While some of them are out-of-date, you can check it out HERE.  I love this fact:

099 - I dated a girl who had a bird. Mean little fucker. And the bird was no prize either.

male Eclectus Parrot - Eclectus roratus

Now, the part of the meme where I get to pass it along to 5 other bloggers.  How about we learn a little more about:

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Cap Goes Crazy / "Big Sandwich"

Lego minifig stop motion projects.

You've seen a lot of them.

I've posted a lot of them.

But none like this.

This is one Lego minifig stop motion project that I would definitely make sure the little ones weren't watching over your shoulder.

I love the "toss the clip up into the pistol" bit that comes at 0:28.

Happy Super Bowl weekend, ya'll.  I'm off to get the fixings for "Big Sandwich" as mentioned in my 3rd Post Ever, and again in this Super Bowl 2009 post.  Here's a crappy cell phone shot of "Big Sandwich" from that post.

Yeah, you want some of that, admit it.  You're just trying to figure out how to unhinge your jaw to eat it.

And Candy, "Yes, that's a 'Terrible Towel' on the back of the sofa."  :-)


Date Night

So, a couple of weekends ago, I had an epiphany.  I'm married to a smart, sex, wonderful, amazing woman, and it's been FAR TOO LONG since I've taken her out on the town.

Guys, seriously, if you had a wife like Cora, wouldn't you want to take her out.

So, we scheduled a "Date Night."

We left a big pile of Kibble and a bowl of water for the girl… We made sure our 15 year old daughter had dinner before we headed out on Saturday night.  The night was a little cold, but the winter has been so mild, we walked to one of the Thai restaurants in the neighborhood.  "One of"?  Yes.  I think there's like 8 Thai restaurants within a short walk my place.  That's not counting a couple of sushi joints and a Chinese place.  (And I live in a German neighborhood.  Seriously.)

We walked hand in hand to the restaurant, a little store front place that has gotten some pretty decent press, and we've been to a few times with great success.

Even though it was Saturday at dinner time, we got a table for two right away.  We sat at the table, talking like adults.  We didn't talking about the court case we are dealing with, and we didn't talk about the daughter too much either.  We just talked.

And it was wonderful.

(I had the spicy basil with chicken.  Cora had the cashew chicken.  We split the "crab lagoon".  Tasted like crab rangoon to me.  I knew you'd want to know.)

After dinner, we wanted a little dessert, but nothing on the menu sounded good, so we hiked up to a Mexican place.  Cora got the flan covered chocolate cake, and I got the berry cheese cake. MMmmmmmm…

We brought the desserts home, and ate them while watching Dead Again, one of Cora's favorite movies, starring a couple of Hogwarts professors (Gilderoy Lockhart & Sybil Trelawney) in a past lives / murder mystery drama.  And at about midnight, the movie and the date ended.

It was a good date.

I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.  :-)

Are you married?  Do you have date nights or is that just a "newlywed thing"?


This Is What You Get For Waking A Brother Up…

Wake the groundhog…

get a cap popped in your @$$!

Makes sense to me.

Happy Groundhog Day!