Jumpin' On The Meme Bandwagon

Over on this little microblogging website call "The Facebook" (have you heard of it?) there's this 6 picture meme going around.

There are all kinds of them.

One for teachers:


One for living with chronic pain:


So, being a Photoshop sort of guy, I couldn't let this meme get too old before I jumped on the bandwagon.

So, what topic should I choose?


The hardest part of it was finding the picture in the upper right corner while the stepdaughter kept coming into the room!

Have a good weekend, all.  There's a mild bug going around our condo, and I've got it at the moment.  So I can sure use the sleep.


Cora said...

Ha ha ha. Oh yeah. If Wednesday had caught you looking at pics like that, you would have been in SO MUCH TROUBLE with her! ;-)

You're such a sweetie!!!!

Shana said...

Yeah, you are such a sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

Those two already said it. Good one, sir.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I have the chronic pain one but yours is more fun.

@Cora, only Wednesday would've been upset for Scope looking at that kind of pic? You ARE a good wife! ; )

Vodka Mom said...

you really DO kick ass.