Cap Goes Crazy / "Big Sandwich"

Lego minifig stop motion projects.

You've seen a lot of them.

I've posted a lot of them.

But none like this.

This is one Lego minifig stop motion project that I would definitely make sure the little ones weren't watching over your shoulder.

I love the "toss the clip up into the pistol" bit that comes at 0:28.

Happy Super Bowl weekend, ya'll.  I'm off to get the fixings for "Big Sandwich" as mentioned in my 3rd Post Ever, and again in this Super Bowl 2009 post.  Here's a crappy cell phone shot of "Big Sandwich" from that post.

Yeah, you want some of that, admit it.  You're just trying to figure out how to unhinge your jaw to eat it.

And Candy, "Yes, that's a 'Terrible Towel' on the back of the sofa."  :-)


Cora said...

Awww, your Super Bowl post of 2009. I have warm and fuzzy memories of that, you flirt!

*le sigh*

Padded Cell Princess said...

Oh the gum! So much gum!

LegalMist said...

mmmmm..... sandwich..... reminds me of a "Simpsons" episode where Homer gets a giant sandwich and insists on eating *all* of it and keeps it basically forever and it's molding and rotting and he's still insisting on eating all of it because it's just too yummy to waste. (Not that *you* would do that of course!)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I love that sammie.

I think I might have commented on that post. Thems were some good old days...