Big Sandwich

Many years ago, a chap who shall henceforth be known as "T-Bone" turned me on to one of his great family traditions: 'Big Sandwich'. Not 'THE Big Sandwich', just 'Big Sandwich'.

You start with a big round loaf of King's Hawaiian Bread, cut off the muffin top, and then lay down a bed of lettuce. On this, goes your yellow cheese. Usually sharp cheddar. Then, a layer of bologna, a layer of Budding corned beef, a layer of turkey, and a layer of hard salami. Add a layer of white cheese. I prefer Swiss. Then a layer of sliced tomatoes. Skim the muffin top with mayo and Guldon's mustard, and plop it on, and slice into quarters. And if you aren't able to unhinge your jaw like a snake, you'll need to crush to eat.

And a Big Sandwich is born.

I've been thinking about Big Sandwich recently. Probably its connections to football season. But it's way more than a lone bachelor should have, and once you apply the mayo and mustard to the bread, the clock starts ticking. I could only make a half, but that would only be 'slightly oversized sandwich'.

There, I've laid out the basic rules, but Big Sandwich is like jazz. It's okay to improvise and riff, as long as the players jam well together.

Like chili.

Yesterday's wafting snowflakes made me think about cooking up a big honkin' pot. And I do have this cool new stove I need to put thru its paces...

Sounds like someone is buying groceries tonight.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oooh you are preachin to the chior! I love me a big samwich! I like the recipe for that one and you are right! excellent football food.
Let me know how the chilli comes out. I need a good recipe.

Dr Zibbs said...

Not to bastardize your sandwich but I think you should top it with a fried egg. Of course then it would need a modified name. What about, "Big Sandwich the Revenge?" I don't know.

Scope said...

Zibbs, As I said, Big Sandwich is jazz, not classical.

I have been pondering the addition of bacon. But would bacon count as a "meat" or as a "condiment"? But an egg? Hmmm… Over easy? Sunnyside up? While I like it in theory, not sure about the hot/cold mix. As a scientist, I may need to EXPERIMENT.

Candy-O (Sorry. Boston > The Cars > Candy-O) No chili tonight. Was in training all day for 10 minutes of useful content, and then got shanghaied as I left, oddly enough, to run some usage reports for our Shanghai office. Will probably cook up a batch this weekend. And we're talking filling the 16 qt. stockpot, not some sissy little slow cooker of chili.

Gwen said...

I love me a good sandwich and Big Sandwich sounds phenom. I've already made two pots of chili this season. Food is the only part of winter that I care for.