That Time Of The Year

Time to bring in the brass monkeys.

I consider myself fairly cold tolerant. I haven't put the liner in the leather jacket I use as a winter coat. Ever. I'm the guy you see in the grocery store in January wearing a sweatshirt, shorts, and Crocs.

But there comes a time when you cannot deny that 'tis the season to roll up the garden hose (don't have one), empty the bird baths (nope, none of those, either), and bring the brass monkeys (oh yeah), lest you have to spend all winter welding their bollocks back on. (And if you look real close, one still does have the old "twig and berries" attached.)

A few brass monkey thoughts:

- The origin that you think you know about the phrase is actually wrong.
- Yup, that monkey is holding this photo.
- No, that is not the limit of my monkey collection. But like Candy and her skulls, I am discerning on what is allowed in.
- Yes, I know they all aren't brass.
- Yes, in the early 90's I was in Mons, Belgium, and was photographed, "buffing the monkey." (Note, I am using the correct, left hand.)

But enough monkey business for one day.

Okay, maybe one more.

[EJC - 7:22 - Post updated so top picture would show in this frak'n narrow space.]


Gwen said...

During my grandma's last days she was doped up with morphine and had some pretty bizarre hallucinations. One such hallucination had her repeatedly requesting a brass monkey. The next day I took a boom box and played the Beastie Boys for her. She loved it.

Hey, thanks for sticking up for my Christmas decorations! I don't think anyone realizes that there is one less week between the holidays this year.

Scope said...

That sounds like a good memory. Glad I could help stir it.

And as someone who tends to procratinate up until the minute BEFORE the last minute, I am fully aware that December is a week away. Luckily, tomorrows post is already in-the-can so tonight is going to be putting on the Christmas music (Wednesday's post) cleaning, decorating (which this is my first Christmas here, so I'm sure how it will all workout), and maybe send out the e-vites for a Christmas party on the 6th.

Cards? Bought but need about 10 hours to address, fill out, sign and stamp.

Shopping? As if.

New Year's Plans? Oh great gravy! DON'T EVEN START THAT!

Poobomber said...

I hate winter clothes - and for me winter clothes = socks and pants that reach my ankle.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

You are the best dude! Thanks for the shout out! All that monkey business is pretty cool too!The term "brass monkey" only conjures up great memories of that old Beastie Boys song. Good times.

Dr Zibbs said...

Excellent photo that's being held my friend.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I just saw this and couldn't wait to share it with you.


This guy's blog is brilliant. Check it out

LYDIA said...

Nice monkeys. I laughed when I saw the boob picture.