Go Elf Yourself

I love Christmas. So much so, that in the days before Photoshop and all those other fancy tools, I took Paint, and the first digital photo ever taken of me that I'm aware of (the company I worked at had an on-line directory), and Elf'd myself. (Which is WAY different from being told to " 'F' yourself".)

According to my 'friends', the return of 'Eric The Elf' as my computer wall paper at work is one of the most dread events of the holiday season. As I understand it, it outplaces 'Fruitcake' and 'Explosive Diarrhea' on the official list.

This was YEARS before OfficeMax let you do it HERE.

But that's where things got ugly. Gwen. Dr. Zibbs. I am SO sorry for this. (Well, not really.)

Since the embed code they gave me kept totally crashing the editor, you have to click HERE.

Trust me. It's worth it. Would I lie to you? And if this doesn't make you laugh, then you have no ELVIS in you. ('ELVES' / 'ELVIS' Coincidence? I think not.)

[Video Removed - Got it to play at a friend's house, and that wasn't the intended one. Rat bastards at Jib-Jab!]


Dr Zibbs said...

Well done Scope! I'll write a post with a link.

Poobomber said...

Hahahaha, that's frikking hilarious!

MelO said...

Awesome job! I love those JibJab thingys... I did one on my blog, too. I can appreciate the time it takes to get the heads just right only to discover that you have to switch the bodies they're on because you want certain people to be 'the stars' of the dance! ;)

Well done, Scope! Well done!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

That is hilarious!
Nice to see a real pic of you. I was a little startled at first. I think of you with white hair like your avitar. Kind of like Colonel Sanders, in a good way.
Good work Eric!

Scope said...

Candy, while I won't deny that there's a PLENTY of gray hair, and that at the Halloween party my avatar's from people gave me carp about how I should have "done something with my hair" there's still much more pepper than salt.

And on Black Friday, "Eric The Elf" as he is known, becomes my avatar for the holidays. Much like Will Ferrell in that movie, only not so much like Will Ferrell in that movie.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I screamed for a moment, because I thought that was a picture of a very young Jay Marriotti.

I apologize to you, Scope, for confusing you with Jay the Joke.

LYDIA said...

You guys dance like girls...

Giggle Pixie said...

Wow, I had no idea yaks could move like that! You're really quite...bendable!