I know I mentioned my love for this episode of WKRP in Cincinnati back here, but I love it so much, I had to feature it rather than just make it a throw away side joke, like that Jell-O with the shredded carrots. (Seriously, what's up with THAT?) This brought me to tears in my youth, and when I watched it the other day, it was just as good. Maybe like Thanksgiving leftovers, it was even a little bit better than when it was new.

So, if the parades are over and the football games haven't start, and seriously, like you're going to watch the Lions, hop over to Hulu for the Full Episode. You won't regret it.

WKRP in Cincinnati: Thanksgiving Turkey Bomb!

And here's another little ditty for you.

Now, off to watch the Lions. What, it's that or talk to my family.

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Gwen said...

The Thanksgiving Song! I had forgotten about it! YAY!