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the egg hunt has been canceled this year.

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It Was 2 Years Ago Today…

That I boarded a plane and flew from Chicago to SeaTac and met one of the world's greatest bloggers and a truly fantastical and amazing person:

Callista and her husband, Mad Dog.

Oh, and their good friend, Cora.


Or something like that.

But seriously folks, when I got on the airplane that Friday morning, jetting off to parts unknown, traveling 2,000 miles for a first date, it didn't seem strange or weird or scary or nervous.

I felt anxious. Anxious to get there. Anxious to start this adventure. I didn't know that it would be the start of the best two years of my life (so far). I had the hope that you always do on a first date that "this might be the one". But there was also something more. A sense of peace and calm. It's not often that you know, going in, that you are meeting your best friend for the first time.

Like I said, it's been simply amazing, and I owe it all to Blogworld. A special thanks to all of you who have made this possible.DSC00074

Today, we are meeting with our lawyer out here to go over some custody stuff, but then I'm going to the Space Needle for dinner with Cora's mother and our daughter. The place where I first leaned across the table and said those magic words:

"You've got spinach in your teeth."

Or "I think I'm in love with you."

One of those two.

So far, our trip has been pretty good. I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell and pictures to share soon, but they may have to wait until we get back.

Be righteous to each other, people.


The Town of Springfield is in Jeopardy – Part 5 of 5

TrebeckToday concludes our "Springfield in Jeopardy" week (thank sweet baby Jeebus).  That last of the local luminaries will provide their responses to this week's question.

But first, for those of you who have seen "HOP" (and if you haven't skip this section), I have a question:  If E.B. poops jelly beans, then at the end of the movie, when James Marsden's "Fred" character gets magical Easter Bunny powers, does he then poop jelly beans, too?  Or like those peanut butter filled chocolate eggs?  How can they leave such a glaring plot hole unexplained.

As it has been all week, today's Final Jeopardy Answer is:  "This is both a 2007 movie, and a description of my next bowel movement."


Alex – Leading off the finale, we have one of Springfield's oldest citizens, Abraham Simpson.

Grandpa Simpson – Hey, you're not Matlock.  I was old Matlock would be here.

Grandpa-Simpson Grandpa-Question

Alex – "What is 'No Country For Old Men'?"  And now, for someone older than Grandpa Simpson, C. Montgomery Burns.

Mr.-Burns Burns-Question

Alex – "What is 'Are We Done Yet'?"  Excellent.  And "Yes", creepy old man, we're done.  But where Mr. Burns goes, you can bet Waylon Smithers will be at his rear.

Smithers Smithers-Question

Alex – "What is 'August Rush'?"  The way you say that sounds almost enrapturing.  And speaking of "enrapturing", our next entrant is Edna Krabappel:

Krabappel Krabappel-Question

Alex – "How about 'The Reaping'?"  Is that an offer, Edna? (Here's my motel key.  Swing by later), and next up is Principal Armin Tamzarian Seymour Skinner

Skinner Skinner-Question

Alex – "What is 'Primeval'?"  Thank you, Seymour.  ANd let us never speak of it again.  Our next imperial overlords contestants are Kang & Kodos, from Rigel 7.


Alex – "What is 'Meeting Resistance'?"  I hate it when the torpedo fails to leave the tube.  And while dealing with inhuman creatures, next we have the Capital City Goofball.


Alex – "What is 'Finishing the Game'?"  And the game isn't over until you "sign the score card", eh Goofball?

Goofball – That's gold, not baseball, you Canuck.

Alex – What ever, I least I don't have to wear an adult diaper to do my job.  Usually.  And speaking of "Adult" next up is the song bird who tried to steal Homer's heart,

Lurleen-Lumpkin Lurleen-Question

Alex – "What is 'Lust Caution'?"  That does seem a bit like a me.  Next up, is everyone's favorite bartender, Moe Szyslak:

Moe Moe-Question

Alex – "What is 'King Corn'?"  Oh Moe, that's just gnasty.  And last but not least, Homer J. Simpson.

Homer Homer-Question

Alex – "What is 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry'?"  Homer, I don't think you understood the question.

Well, now that all the entrants are in, it is time to declare the winner:



Alex – "Is it 'Skid Marks'?"   Yes, it was.  Listen people, when the Olmec god of war visits you.  There will be skid marks.  And with that, I'm out of this 'burg.  Have a good weekend.

[Editor's Note: I will be getting back to writing about real life, soon.  Promise.  Heading out of town for a week to Seattle with the family.  Monday is the 2 year anniversary of the day I met Cora.  Yipeee!]


The Town of Springfield is in Jeopardy – Part 4 of 5


Welcome back to our penultimate round of Jeopardy in the beautiful town of Springfield.  I'm your host, Alex Trebek.

In case you haven't been with us all week (for SHAME), just a quick reminder of how this goes.  And once again, I'm stalling for time, trying to fill in this big blank spot next to my GINORMOUS HEAD!

All the participants in today's episode will all have the give their response to the same Final Jeopardy Question:


"This is both a 2007 movie and a description of my next bowel movement."


Alex – Let's start with Springfield's favorite neighbor, Ned Flanders:

Ned Ned-Question

Alex – "What is 'The Ultimate Gift'?"  Some might say "love".  And speaking of "love", here's your departed wife, Maude:

Maude-Ghost Maude-Question

Alex – "What is 'Evan Almighty'?"  Is that your response, or a hint about the after life?  And she's gone.  Maybe our next visitor will be able to shed some light on this, Murphy Kenneth "Bleeding Gums" Hibbert.

Bleeding-Gums-Murphy-Ghost Bleeding-Gums-Question

Alex – "What is 'Death At A Funeral'?"  Burial in the deep BLUES sea?  And when the jazz man plays, can Little Lisa be far behind?

Lisa Lisa-Question

Alex – "What is 'In The Shadow of the Moon'?"  That's very true Lisa, very true. Next, we have Bumblebee Man.


Alex – "What is 'Red Road'?"   I thought we were done with the "bloody stool" jokes. *sigh* Next up is Hans Moleman:


Alex – "What is '28 Weeks Later'?"   Man, I would hate to be waiting behind you for the bathroom.  Next, let's all say a big "Hello" to Dr. Nick Riviera.

Crowd – Hello Dr. Nick!

Dr.-Nick Dr.-Nick-Question

Alex – "What is 'Lucky You'?"  Is that what you say to your surviving patients?  Speaking of Springfield's doctor's, Julius Hibbert:


Alex – "What is 'The Savages'?"  Doc, I'm telling you, if I have a case of something called, "the savages", please put me out of my misery.  That's for Doctor Hibbert, not you Snake.

Snake Snake-Question

Alex – "What is 'The Condemned'?"  It must be what comes after your last meal.  Next up is Springfield's resident speed freak, Otto Mann.


Alex – "Is it 'Rush Hour 3'?"  Man, Otto-Mann, I hear yah.  Eat at Popeye's Chicken, and it is a race with the DEVIL to get home, hoping you don't run into any dead ends.  And speaking of "dead end jobs", please welcome Jeremy Freedman, the squeaky voiced teen.

Squeaky-Voice-Teen QSqueaky-Voiced-Teen-uestio

Alex – "What is 'Maxed Out'?"  Speaking of 'Maxed Out', everyone welcome your favorite star of the screen, star of the 'McBain'  movies, Rainier Wolfcastle:

Rainier-Wolfcastle Wolfgang-Question

Alex – "What is 'Balls of Fury'?"  Might want to cut back on the fiber, Wolfie.  And to round out today's show, we have Springfield's resident pop-culture critic.  His momma named him 'Jeffrey Albertson', but you all know his as Comic Book Guy.

Comic-Book-Guy Comic-Book-GuyQuestion

Alex – "'Spider-Man 3' I presume?"

Comic Book Guy – A bigger load of crap you will NOT find.  EVER.

Alex – Well, thank you, Jeff.  And all of you, please tune in tomorrow, as week conclude 'Springfield in Jeopardy' week.