The Town of Springfield is in Jeopardy – Part 3 of 5


Welcome back to Jeopardy, America's second most popular quiz show after, "Does this milk smell funny to you?"  I'm your host, Alex Trebek.  As we have done all week, today we return to Springfield to have the town luminaries give their replies to the same answer.

As it has been all week, today's Final Jeopardy Answer is:  "This is both a 2007 movie, and a description of my next bowel movement."




Jacques Jacques-Question
Oui!  Everyone knowz zat Jacques iz ze best bow-l-ing instructor in all of Springfield.

Alex – First up today, is the appropriately named, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon:

Apu Apu-Question

Alex – "What is 'Everything's Gone Green'?"  Apu, you may want to cut back on the curry.  Next we have the smartest man in Springfield, and he's recognized as a genius in France, Professor Frink:

Professor-Frink Professor-Frink-Question

Alex – "What is 'Private Fears In Public Places'?"  I bet you have a lot of those, in your line of work.  Sticking with the pocket protector crowd, we have Homer's old college friends, Benjamin, Doug, and Gary.


Alex – "What is 'Gray Matter'?"  A topic I'm sure you 3 know quite a bit about.  Now for someone who doesn't have that issue, police chief Clancy Wiggum:

Chief-Wiggum Chief-Wiggum-Question

Alex – "Is it 'Hot Fuzz'?"  Thank you, Chief, and I see you've brought your son, Ralph with you today.  Ralph, what is your response?


Alex - "Is it 'The Number 23'?"

Ralph – That's when #2 comes out like #3.

Alex – Ewww.  Now Ralph, here's the boy that beat you mini-golf,  crushing your soul, Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson:

Bart Bart-Question

Alex – "What is 'Superbad' besides me?"

Bart – Hey man, "El Barto" has to represent…

Alex – That's fine, "El Barto".  And as always, where ever Bart Simpson goes, can Milhouse Van Houten be far behind.


Alex – "What is 'The Heartbreak Kid'?"  I read your there, son.  And now… JIMBO! I you would kindly take a break from giving Mr. Van Houten an atomic wedgie, what is your response?

Jimbo Jimbo-Question

Alex – "What is 'Code Name: The Cleaner'?"  Sounds like someone is doing one of those "cleanses", eh Jimbo?  Jimbo!  Come back with my car!  *sigh* And we wrap today up with none other than Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby.

Joe-Quimby Joe-Quimby-Question

Alex – "What is 'Full Of It'?"  You certainly are, Joe, you certainly are.  Well folks, that's it for today.  "Springfield in Jeopardy" continues tomorrow when you will hear from the GREAT BEYOND.  Stay 'tooned.


Cora said...

Code Name: The Cleaner?! EWWWWWWWW.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "EWWWWWWWW": I purposely left Hot Fuzz out of the list the other day.


BeckEye said...

This is officially the longest I've ever seen anyone (including myself) travel for a joke. You deserve some pie. :)