You Ate The What?

Recently, I've been seeing poster outside of our local KFC with this red head gal on it.

But I haven't been exactly reading it correctly.  This is what one of there on-line ads saying, "I ATE THE BONES":


But this is what I see…



And of the girl were better at eating the bone, maybe she would have gotten a decent engagement ring.

Just sayin'.


You're Like One Of The Family… DOLLAR


(This is not a sponsored post.)

Do you have a Family Dollar near you?

We have one just about a block away, and we love it.

It's not like you would want to use it as your primary store, but it makes a great backup when you need to run out and grab something and get back in less than 10 minutes.  Without starting up the car.

Mother's Day morning, the daughter was feeling a little punky, so I ran out to Family Dollar to get some OJ to get some vitamin C into her.  I got a bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium pulpless, a small packet of Betty Crocker cookie mix that maid 18 small little cookies, and a box of Imperial margarine (I wasn't sure we had enough butter to make the cookies) for under $7.

Okay, so I was supposed to get ice cream, and I forgot, but fresh baked chocolate chip cookies comes close.

As I was walking out, another couple was in there, and this is what I heard:

  • Man to cashier – Holding up one of the GIANT greeting cards – "Are these $8?"
  • Cashier to man – "No.  $3"
  • Man to woman – "We should totally get it then."
  • Woman to man – In a well practiced bitchy tone – "Well, hold it then."
  • Woman to man – Continuing to emasculate him in public – "Don't bend it!"

And that's when the door closed behind me, and I thanked God that Cora and I are a good shopping team.  I was home sick on Friday, and we still went grocery shopping and had a good time doing it.

I think one of the reasons I kind of like the Family Dollar is that it reminds me of the Jupiter store (a bare bones K-Mart division at the time) from my youth.  And that reminds me of the time that my mother accidentally got trapped in the changing room at Jupiter and had to scream for help.  Smile


Happy Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You

I found the below little video a couple of weeks ago, but thought I would save it for "Star Wars Day".  You're welcome.

I hope you enjoyed it, and May the 4th be with you.

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