Tech Tuesday - Me and My FatButt


"What Gets Measured Gets Done"

FatButt / FitBit / WhatEver.

Cora and I had been thinking about joining the FitBit bandwagon for a while, and on the 4th of July, we bought a set of FitBit Charge HR's at BestBuy.  I also got a new camera, but that's a story for another post.

The FitBits sat on our table for a few days before we finally broke them out last weekend.  Sadly, we did not instantly lose the 10% of our body weight that I'm certain we were promised.

The set up is actually pretty easy.  It will Bluetooth with your phone, and has a dongle for connecting with your computer.  There is also a small USB cord for connecting to the PC / charging the device.  It's a proprietary connection, not the standard micro-USB  Sad smile.  And it connects on the back of the device, so you have to take it off to charge.  It holds a charge for a couple of days, but I don't buy the 4 – 5 days they claim.  3 –4 maybe.  Connection with your phone is over Bluetooth.  This could be an issue if your phone is often battery challenged.  I've been just turning Bluetooth on/off as needed.

I've had it now for about 2 months, and a few things that I've come to realize:

  • My normal "average" steps are in the 6,500 – 7,500 range.  I have to push just a little to hit the 10,000 daily steps.  Winter is going to be rough.  It's going to be harder to get 2,000 steps at lunch like I have been doing.
  • Weekends my "average" steps are in the 4,000 range.  Getting 10,000 steps on a weekend requires dedication.
  • Cora destroys me on steps ALL the time.  Usually 2+ times.
    I have beaten her once.  ONCE!
  • I get cheated out of steps like a sucker inside.  I walk pretty softly and glide a bit on the hardwood floors.  I will get up in the morning, go to the bathroom, go get a bowl of cereal, walk that to my desk, eat it, take the bowl back to the kitchen, and get credit for 17 steps.

Does the FitBit work?

I'm not sure I've lost any weight on it.  Our scale's batteries were dead when we got the FitBits, so I'm not sure where I started, but I'm certainly not down any from where I've recently been.  Sad smile

But, I will say that it has certainly has motivated me.  Without it, I certainly wouldn't be going out for a walk at 9:30 in the evening after dinner, because I "need my steps".  And I'm certainly taking the stairs more that I have been.

"Should I get one like you?" – NO!

Wait, what?  "NO!"?

FitBit is releasing a new set of updated trackers.  The Charge 2 has been announced.  It's going to have a much bigger screen (full watch face vs. the single line of the Charge+HR), it will also have replaceable bands, which the current charges lack.  It also does some new oxygen tracking based of heart rate or some such super-athlete voodoo.

It will also, when paired with your phone, alter you to who is calling or texting.

They are also releasing a new Flex, but unless you MUST have a waterproof tracker for swimming, or want to wear it like a necklace, why get the Flex?  If you need one that slim, get the Alta.  Neither have heart rate, and how can you track fitness without heart rate tracking?

Disclaimer – This is an unpaid, unsolicited, etc. review.  No one really wants my opinion.