Cyber Monday – That's My Fun Day


Last year, I did a thing where I tried to get "retired" bloggers back in the game for a day, and to do a post for "Cyber Monday".  It actually worked pretty well, so I thought I would call out to blogworld again.

See, "Cyber-Monday" used to be a thing where people did their on-line shopping at work for the items that they didn't get on "Black Friday".  But now since:

  • People have fast internet @ home, and on their phones
  • "Black Friday" has crept so far into the week leading up to Thanksgiving that it's lost all it's meaning.
  • Online "Black Friday" deals are already published HERE.

Let's take over Cyber-Monday for bloggers.  I know Facebook mostly killed blogging, and I'm connected to most of my old blog circle through Facebook, but I so don't want this long form medium to die.

It changed my life.

It brought me Cora.

So, one week from today, Monday, December 1, post something, anything on your blog.  You've got a week.  Let's celebrate "blog world" for at least one day, and be thankful for all the friends it's brought.

Post what ever you want.  A picture of your Thanksgiving table (American's only), or just a quick update on your life.

When you're done, swing back by Scope-Tech here and post a link.

And maybe catch up with an old friend.

And if your old blog is dead or you can't remember your password, or unsavory characters might still be lurking around, email me, and I'll post it here for you.  Even if it's just your old screen name and a simple update.  Even if we weren't in the same circle.

See you in a week, I hope.



Last week my Daughter turned 18.


Were did the time go?  And don't give me that carp about her only being my daughter for 4.5 years, either.  That has only made the time go even faster.

For her party, she wanted to go small.  It was just a couple of her friends over on the weekend for an afternoon of Blues Clues, Charlie & Lola, and Pretty, Pretty Princess.  She's got some great friends.

And the Cora decorated this cake…

Yeah, she's got mad skillz.

On her BIRTHDAY birthday, it was just the three of us, a bowl of Space Noodle pasta, and a giant cookie cake.

And she didn't feel different.

She'd been somewhat dreading this birthday as the end of her childhood.  Now she was going to be "an adult".  I think the court case really put a lot of focus on her turning 18.  At 18 the parenting plan ended.  At 18, she could legally make her decisions on who she see and associates with, who she doesn't.  We tried to assure her that she wouldn't be a different person when she woke up the next day.

She didn't really believe us as we tucked her in the night before.

But I think that when she woke up and didn't feel the urge to sweep all her Tim Burton movie collectables off the shelves and walls, she started to believe us; that 18 wasn't a death sentence to her childhood that she'd built up to be in her mind.

Yep, I think she had a pretty good birthday.  And she really needed that.


For both of you who still wander around these parts, you may notice something slightly different about this blog.  Over there –> there used to be a count down clock.  It started at about 900 2.5 years ago and ran down to 0 00:00:00 last Tuesday.  (Here's where it started LINK.)

The Daughter has turned 18.  And, "No", no progress was made.

His loss.