May The Farce Be With You

In honor of yesterday's Blu-ray release of Star Wars:

If you wish to know more:  LINK

As a guy of a certain age, you know this isn't my first Star Wars post.  Here are some blasts from the past:

- Star Wars Day – Lame Joke
- Star Wars Day II – The ORIGINAL trilogy - Told in 2:13 – With Lego!
- Drunken Ewoks – Live on the Today Show

Have a good weekend, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

I saw the BluRay at Target yesterday, and I laughed at the three different packagings until I realized it was "Original Trilogy," "Prequel Trilogy," and "Complete Saga," or as I called them "Purists," "Partists," and "Completists." I also thought it funny that you can save a whopping $0.01 if you get the trilogies individually instead of the box set of all six.

Cora said...

I haven't seen the original trilogy since about 1989. I'm continually surprised that Walter still lets me set foot in his house.

SkylersDad said...


That Janie Girl said...

That is awesome!