The Great Mysteries of 1908


In 1908 two truly amazing events occurred.  Neither event has been repeated.

  • The "Tunguska Event" when, most probably, an object from space exploded in the air over Tunguska, Russia, knocking over an estimated 80 million trees with a blast between 4 to 30 megatons.
  • The Chicago Cubs won their second, and final World Series.

The trees have grown back, just like the hopes and dreams of Cubs fans every spring.

By autumn, the trees of Tunguska are still standing tall and proud.

And the Cubs fans start getting ready for football season.

In honor of today being the Cubs' home opener, I must give you one of my favorite Cubs moments of all time.  I remember this event from April 29, 1983.  I heard it played on the radio.  I'm certain is was bleeped, but in my mind, it was unedited.

And with that, I give you the traditional Lee Elia rant.


So, on today, the Cubs home opener, let's salute the ultimate April Fools.  Cubs fans.


Cora said...

If I was his mom I'd wash his mouth out with soap after that!

BeckEye said...

I hope to make another trip to Chi-town this summer and possibly take in a Cubs game. (Even though I gave up caring about baseball long ago.)

Anonymous said...


I love that rant. It's beautiful.

SkylersDad said...

That is a classic rant, they even play it back here on the sports talk shows.