Saturday, The Feathers Are Gonna Fly!

In case you were unaware, Saturday, April 2nd is International Pillow Fight Day.

Pillow Fight 01 
To find out if there's going to be a a pillow fight near you, you can can follow THIS LINK.

Or you* can just wail on your spouse when they aren't expecting it.

As long as you aren't married to the Michelle Rodriguez type.  B!TCH IS CRA-ZEE!

(Yes, I know I used this video on Saturday, but since no one reads on the weekends, I'm reusing it.)

* Editor's Note: I said "you" could do it.  I'm not pulling that SH!T on Cora.



Anonymous said...

That video was brilliant. But I want to know how I missed that. Seriously, I don't think that post came came through on my reader this weekend.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

THAT was some funny shiiiit!!

Cora said...

Aw. There's a big ol' pillow fight scheduled at the Tribune Tower Plaza and we won't be there! You know I'd SO be there with my camera too. Maybe next year?

J.J. in L.A. said...

On Saturday, I'm gonna be stuffing my face with tri tip and all sorts of other goodies. I'll have a pillow fight with my man on Sunday after everyone else goes home.