Super Villain Smack Down – Part 2

See how this is getting harder?  I'm having to explain some of the jokes here, because Galactus the planet eater and most of these guys just aren't household icons.  Anyway, enjoy this last installment.

At least last for a while.

Finished-Galactus-01 Final-Bizzaro-02

Ya see, Dr. Doom is the sovereign of Latveria and… oh, for get it.

He's an unstoppable force once he gets moving.  And that goes for his bowels, too.  Ladies and Gentlemen:  The Juggernaut!



And here's proof that not all red heads are sexy…

Before you ask, in THEORY, that's Kraven the Hunter

And now a REALLY inside joke for the 3 people that saw Spider-Man 3 or read the comics, I bring you, Venom:



Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'm trying to locate a picture of a funny Juggernaut wall painting. Oddly enough, along the same lines of what you had there. I'll post it when I get it and let you know. I think you'll enjoy.

Cora said...

I'll never see Juggernaut in quite the same way now.

Scope said...

Joshua - Hope you find it. Not sure why I associated the Juggernaut with poop it just seemed funny.

Cora - Now you know why he's always in such a bad mood.

Anonymous said...

Made a special stop to snap this picture just for you. enjoy!