The Smite Button

Because sometimes, "Delete" just isn't stong enough...

Go ahead, think of that SPECIAL someone, and SMITE them!

(Wait for it, it's a little slow.)

Feels good, doesn't it?

SMITE 'em again!

(And seriously, Picasa sux for not letting me load an animated GIF. What's up with that? Had to set up a Flickr account just for this one gag.)


Gwen said...

Can this be also installed in a dashboard and used in traffic?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yes, but it was worth setting that Flickr account up.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Could you give a brief tutorial on how to use this little gem?

Scope said...

An actual example from today (remember I work in IT):

4:22 am - My cell phone rings. But, even though it is sitting on the nightstand, it falls into voicemail before I can answer it.

4:22 am – I return the call, but it goes to a call center operator who has no idea who called me.

4:23 am – I get a voice mail message from the caller.

4:23 am – I get an email from the caller (it's a CrackBerry Curve – so same device) – Carp, a server in Tokyo isn't responding after a reboot.

4:24 am – 4:59 am – Drag sorry ass into office, fight with server beat into submission, send out "All's Clear."

5:02 am – Send email to my manager: "Hey, I resolved the issue, but I’m NOT ON CALL THIS MONTH! Why didn't they call the other guy?!?"

5:08 am – Envisioning the person who woke me from my slumber which I was unable to return to, I went to the SMITE button. Circling my cursor counter clockwise around the button, I muttered an epitaph that end with, "Take THAT you stupid IDGIT!" On "THAT" I stabbed the 'SMITE' button and imagined 1.21 gigawatts of electricity arcing throu this keyboard as his body danced in the glow not unlike St. Elmo's fire. The nautical stuff, not the movie.

Oh wait, you said brief.

Picture the SMITEE in you head, cackle, stab SMITE button, envision them getting Zeus'd.

Holly Hall said...

very satisfying smite button ya got there.


Mrs. Hall