The Third Times A Charm?

Welcome to my 3rd attempt at this.

Let me explain. 20 some years ago, back before this series of interconnected tubes know as the "internets" I had a public forum for expressing my thoughts. It was call 'The Daily Other', and at the time, it claimed to be the only small college daily newspaper in the United States. And 'Scope' was born. But, graduation has a way of ending your contributions to the school's newspaper.

Then, about 6 years ago, as I started an unplanned sabbatical, I set up a web page and began posting to it regularly. But I eventual became gainfully employed, and have to upload full web pages just to comment on today's activities sucked the rocks that BIG rocks come from, so that withered and died. But it had a 'Scope-Tech' section for some of my more "creative" writing.

This summer, I met a blogger named Gwen from 'Everything I Like Causes Cancer'. Great gal. Anyway, I started reading her regularly. Then I started to comment. And then I started reading other blogs in the Gweniverse. And then I got the itch to start expressing myself on my own (as opposed to reading her 'irregularly'). So here I am, back for a third time.

Let's see if it's a charm.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Welcome home dude! Thanks for stopping bye my blog and thanks for following! I have added you to my blogroll. Come bye and vote!! and PLEASE dont be shy about commenting. Congrats!

Gwen said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm so glad you have a home of your own! I'll shine a big, bright spotlight on you this week. You ready for that?

Scope said...

Ladies, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the support.

And shine on spotlight, shine on. I have some new ideas for content, and there's always the archives to raid. I hope I don't disappoint.