A Kiss Of Grammar


Back in high school, I read the following in Ann Landers in my local paper. (Apparently from Oct. 11, 1982). I cut it out back in the day, and remember running across the slip of paper off and on thru my life. I haven't seen it in years, so it must be lost in the sands of time. Thanks to the internet for helping me find it.

Here's the text (in case you don't want to squint at the clipping):

  • A kiss is a noun because it is both common and proper.
  • A kiss is a pronoun because she stands for it.
  • A kiss is a verb because it is either active or passive.
  • A kiss is an adverb because it modifies the art.
  • A kiss is an interjection because it shows strong and sudden feeling.
  • A kiss is a conjunction because it connects.

I know it's a little late for Valentine's Day, but every day is Valentine's Day when you're in love, right?


Cora said...

*kiss* *kiss*

Shana said...

That is really cool............

although I was a bit preoccupied with Ann's stupid answer to the first question.

Padded Cell Princess said...

My mom always told me that love is a noun but this is amazing! Major romantic nerd points to that guy and for you for finding it again!

BeckEye said...


I mean, oh how cute!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I, too, got distracted. Who the hell waits til their family reunions to see each other? If I was that broad I'd get out, and get out NOW.

Uhh, anywho, my guy and I aren't celebrating til Sunday...stupid V-day falling in a Tuesday. Grr!

And BeckEye? You funny lady! ; )

mo.stoneskin said...

Dammit, I couldn't resist squinting at at the clipping and now you owe me an eye test and some paracetamol.