Date Night

So, a couple of weekends ago, I had an epiphany.  I'm married to a smart, sex, wonderful, amazing woman, and it's been FAR TOO LONG since I've taken her out on the town.

Guys, seriously, if you had a wife like Cora, wouldn't you want to take her out.

So, we scheduled a "Date Night."

We left a big pile of Kibble and a bowl of water for the girl… We made sure our 15 year old daughter had dinner before we headed out on Saturday night.  The night was a little cold, but the winter has been so mild, we walked to one of the Thai restaurants in the neighborhood.  "One of"?  Yes.  I think there's like 8 Thai restaurants within a short walk my place.  That's not counting a couple of sushi joints and a Chinese place.  (And I live in a German neighborhood.  Seriously.)

We walked hand in hand to the restaurant, a little store front place that has gotten some pretty decent press, and we've been to a few times with great success.

Even though it was Saturday at dinner time, we got a table for two right away.  We sat at the table, talking like adults.  We didn't talking about the court case we are dealing with, and we didn't talk about the daughter too much either.  We just talked.

And it was wonderful.

(I had the spicy basil with chicken.  Cora had the cashew chicken.  We split the "crab lagoon".  Tasted like crab rangoon to me.  I knew you'd want to know.)

After dinner, we wanted a little dessert, but nothing on the menu sounded good, so we hiked up to a Mexican place.  Cora got the flan covered chocolate cake, and I got the berry cheese cake. MMmmmmmm…

We brought the desserts home, and ate them while watching Dead Again, one of Cora's favorite movies, starring a couple of Hogwarts professors (Gilderoy Lockhart & Sybil Trelawney) in a past lives / murder mystery drama.  And at about midnight, the movie and the date ended.

It was a good date.

I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.  :-)

Are you married?  Do you have date nights or is that just a "newlywed thing"?


Shana said...

Not married but me and MyGuy haven't had a date night in a while...
I liked that movie Dead Again!!!

Cora said...

That was fun. We should DEFINITELY do that again! Italian next time perhaps?

BeckEye said...

Sexy, you mean, right? Not sex. Or do you really call her a "sex woman?" Some ladies might not appreciate that. :)


Padded Cell Princess said...

This has been an odd matter that my husband and I have questioned for us. Most marriages I think do need to have date nights but considering that we spend the majority of our time together, do we need to create a different form of one-on-one time?? We can't really afford to go out so cooking in and watching a movie just ends up being just like our normal routine. I suppose when we become 'normal' and he has a full time job away from home, we will start up the date night, but it still is a wonder to us as to if we should be doing something different.

Padded Cell Princess said...

OH yea, I almost forgot to mention that I gave you a blog award today! (I hate going to blogs and forgetting why I went there in the first place!) ;)

Anonymous said...

It'll be 10 years this summer; almost 12 since we met. We still do date nights, but they're too far between. We have different ideas about dates, though. Plus, paying for a sitter is expensive.

Ellie Mae said...

Yes, we have date nights without children on a regular basis!! A big bonus is now they are old enough to stay home alone, so we don't have to pay a babysitter. We have paid a small fortune to babysitters since 1993 up until about 4 yrs ago. You absolutely need couple time. That is what the family is built upon.

Scope said...

Shana - Maybe all you need is a nudge. :-)

Cora - Italian? It's a date.

BeckEye - "Sexy"? You bet. Blast spell check not doing a grammar check.

P.C.P. - My wife and I spend a lot of time together, too. We even joke that when we go grocery shopping on Saturday that it's our "date". We love the alone time, but it doesn't really count. Even without money, a date could be taking sandwiches to the park or just a little something different to shake it up.

But you kids should enjoy your time together, too. ;-)

Joshua - I do suppose it's harder with little kids. Heard tell by someone/somewhere, that their grade school did a thing once a month where they showed kids movies and served pizza and for like, $10, you dropped the kid(s) off, and you got 3 hours to go off as a couple.

Ellie Mae - Cora and I do try to spend some alone time, even if it's only a few minutes walking back from the train at night. And we are SOOOO glad that we aren't ponying up for babysitters.

Anonymous said...

Our daycare does this every once in a while, but you can't just go wherever you want; they always have a set place setup. It's...never as fun as you want it to be, because frankly, some of those other parents are nutters.

So. Cal. Gal said...

My sister and her hubby just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary...and they've gone on a date every Tuesday night since they got back from their honeymoon.

My guy and I, on the other hand, see each other so rarely (lucky if it's twice a month) that we get right to the chase. Then we go out for pizza. lol!