It's all about me
Okay, I've done it, I've reached the big 100th post. Below are 100 true things about me. Some are big. Some are small. Those that are marked with a '*' are ones that I fully intend to do follow ups on later. Not saying it will happen, but I currently intend on it.

And I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. From Gwen who encouraged me, to Candy, my first follower, to Dr. Zibbs and Vodka Mom for letting me know I was allowed to play with the big kids, to Sass, my psychic 'cousin', and to the newer folks who have come by, and I plan to get to know better. Even to you lurkers out there, who never say a word. SPEAK UP ONCE IN A WHILE, DAMN IT! :-)

Now, on with the show. Yes, I did try to categorize them.

001 - Started going gray at 16. Still more "pepper" than "salt"
002 - I'm about 6'4". Maybe a touch taller.
003 - Moles form a "dipper" on my chest. That's birthmarks, not trained animals.
004 - 285 lbs Current goal is 250.
005 - Size 13 shoe. (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more.)
006 - Birthday 1965-12-22. Yes, that's how I write dates. So they sort correctly.
007 - Born in Galesburg, IL
008 - Born in the USA
009 - My toes are my worst feature.
010 - My legs are my best.

011 - Farm boy. Grew up 2.5 miles outside of a town of 250 people. Literally at the end of the power line, end of the phone line.
012 - I liked bailing hay. I hated cutting hogs and dehorning cows.
013 - I'm a classic middle child. Older sister. Younger brother.
014 - Life long resident of the Land of Lincoln
015 - One niece, two nephews.
016 - I have no children
017 - I'm a dog person who does not own a dog. No pets. But I've had the same plant for like, 20 years.
018 - Mostly German, Irish, English, but 1/32 black.

019 - I'm very brand loyal, but hate to be viewed as a "shill" for "the man". Back in my running days, if I was wearing a Nike shirt I would wear Champion shorts, just to not show favoritism.
020 - I believe in God. My God has a very interesting sense of humor. He displays it in my life. Often.
021 - I have no "GAYDAR". It's not that I'm so progressive that I don't see people in a sexual stereotype, it's that I'm too lazy to really care what any given person's sexual orientation is. If it's none of my business, then let' keep it that way. Or talk about "your partner" I don't really care. A person's sexual orientation is one of the least interesting aspects of a person's make-up, to me.
022 - I am open minded toward intelligent life in outer space, and bigfoot type things. Not that I believe. Not that I don't believe. I just think that certain things like giant squids, rogue waves, and the female orgasm have been dismissed as rumors until only recently being proven true. I want to keep an open mind.
023 - Scope's Law I - People are stupid. But not everybody is "people".
024 - Scope's Law II - Life tends to work out.
025 - *This year's resolution was almost to get a stack of $2 bills from the bank and a couple of rolls of the dollar coins every month, and use them in normal transactions. I think both are good ideas that are far too under utilized.
026 - I used to sort my change: Pennies in one container, nickels and dimes in a second, and quarters in a third. I stopped when I no longer needed to glean quarters out for laundry.
027 - I rarely shut doors and drawers on cabinets, dressers, etc. Don't have a good reason, but right now, about as many are opened as closed.
028 - I think
Ted Nugent's views are a little extreme. But not a lot extreme. I'm not into the whole hunting and kill your own meat thing. But I wholly support his right to do it. And with that said I not only can I tell you the best steak I've ever had, I can name the steer (Lazybones) and his mom (Sweetbones).

029 - My count is only 7
030 - #2 is happily married, but we still exchange Christmas cards. Her husband knows, and doesn't care. One of her daughters thinks it's "scandalous."
031 - I lost my virginity when I was a senior in college.
032 - Not a one night stand, but a one time event.
033 - The last two women I've slept with have both been married (but separated and eventually divorced) when it happened for the first time.
034 - I've never had a classic "one night stand."
035 - I'm a big boob man. Not necessarily a "BIG B(o) (o)B" man.
036 - The closest I came to getting married was when I was saving up for an engagement ring, but after she dumped me, turned that savings into the down payment on a brand new '91 Accura Integra. I miss that car some times.
037 - To answer
~E's question: "If someone gave you money to be intimate with a guy (of your choosing) (and I mean intimate like that sweaty samba you keep mentioning) how much money would you ask for? Notice I didn't give you a choice yes, or no. Just the bare minimum amount of moolah it would take?"I'm not homosexual, and not overly motivated by money, so it would need to be a game changing amount of money. Right now; $20,000,000 is a number I would toss out. Unless it's enough to radically alter the game, not worth it. Even if I'm the pitcher.

Arts & Entertainment
038 - I own an iPod mini, but rarely use it. It tends not to be loaded with the song / artist I want to hear right then. I won it in a drawing.
039 - My MP3 collection is 12,043 songs and 46.1GB. Doesn't fit well on a mini.
040 - If
Road House or Next of Kin are showing, I will have to watch them to conclusion. No exceptions.
041 - I have probably played well over 6,000 games of
Axis and Allies on my computer (remember, I was unemployed for a year). I think I lost the third game I ever played, and none since. When I need to zone and clear my mind, it's the ticket.
042 - I enjoy playing cards (Hand and Foot) with my parents and their friends.
043 - Once, while playing poker, I folded and went into another room, and farted. When I walked back into the room, the draft pulled with me an essence most foul. How foul? In the middle of a hand, 5 guys got up from the poker table and fled the apartment. They still speak of it with awe and reverence in their voices.
044 - I'm a doodler
045 - I rarely see movies. My favorite movies of 2008 were "
In Bruges", "Iron Man", and "The Dark Knight". In that order. "In Bruges" was brilliant and twisted and European, and I actually liked Colin Farrell in it. And if you are a Harry Potter fans, there are 3 folks in the cast for you. And a horny foul mouthed crack smoking midget. Yes, you read that right, "horny, foul mouthed, crack smoking midget." Or is he a dwarf? "Iron Man", at first I thought they were spending way too much time in the tunnel scenes, but man did they make that character development pay off. "The Dark Knight"? They filmed some of it in the train station below where I used to work (Bat-pod/blue floors with white lines) and another scene (Two Face Confronts Traitor Cop) at the bar in one of my favorite restaurants, Twin Anchors. Where Return To Me was also filmed. Otherwise, meh.
046 - I enjoy photography, but don't own a real camera. I have a 5.1 Sony digital. I'm afraid that if I bought a digital SLR it would either just collect dust, or become too much of a compulsion that it would compete with my blog for eating up all my free time.
047 - I used to collect comic books. Sold the whole mess (like 13 Rubbermaid tubs) to a dealer for $500 a couple years back. Don't regret collecting or selling. Don't regret money spent or money recouped. And the tubs are useful.
048 - I love Weird Al Yankovic

049 - I have been to Stonehenge. You can't get that close to the stones anymore, so 45 minutes standing in a wind blown pasture at the end of January was just enough time.
050 - We then went to Bath, England. 4 hours was not enough. I highly recommend it.
051 - When in Rome, I failed to throw 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain. So I'm screwed there.
052 - Pisa sucked. Pizza in Pisa sucked ass.
053 - Waterloo (as in "The Battle of") sucked. But the pub across the street? Drinking Chimay on a sunny 4th of July in the shade of a sycamore tree, gazing out at the rolling Belgian countryside? One of my best memories.
054 - Been to London twice. Still need to make it to the Royal Observatory and Abbey Road crosswalk.
055 - Wasn't fond of Paris, France (nor of Paris, IL or Paris Hilton for that matter), but did enjoy
Père Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried.
056 - Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the only Canadian provinces I've been to. However, when Newfoundland and Labrador annex St. Pierre and Malquan (oh to dream), I will be there. Seriously. France, out of North America. NOW!
057 - *Labor Day Weekend 2007 I did a 10 day road trip: Chicago to Birmingham, AL, to New Orleans, to Houston, then back to Chicago via Arkansas. 2,800 miles ALONE in a car.
058 - I want to go to the rock of Gibraltar. Yes, for the apes.
059 - I believe in travel karma. I always help tourist to Chicago if I can. If you're staring at a map, looking confused, I will politely ask if I can assist. When I'm visiting your city, I will try not to be the slow moving doofus during rush hour. There's nothing better than giving correct info to strangers in a strange place.
060 - Back in college, I had a yellow stop sign that I found in an alley.
061 - *My first Disney experience was EuroDisney. With the girl I had the ring fund for. After we broke up and she was living in Belgium with her new fiancé.
062 - While in London, I saw Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and her two daughters leave the London premier of
063 - My first commercial airplane flight was from Chicago to Brussels.
064 - I have never been to NYC, LA, Boston, or Seattle.
065 - The Grand Canyon was awesome. But I may have enjoyed the
Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff about as much on a time spent basis.

066 - I've written 3 different financial reporting and budgeting systems.
067 - I have worked for the same manager at 3 different companies, and one co-worker I've technically worked with 5 different times.
068 - I still miss Andersen and think we got totally scapegoated. Explaining to CPAs why the numbers on the financial and statistical report were correct was a blast.
069 - If I didn't work in IT I would probably be an architect or an engineer. I solve problems. And I like to think I do it with an eye for style.

070 - Out of shape now, but have run 2 marathons in my life.
071 - In high school I was the center on the basketball team.
072 - Reds, Steelers, ND football. Not a big pro hoops fan, but loved the Birds era Celtics.
073 - Went out for football my freshman year in high school. Broke my foot just before the season started, but played the first JV game. Was out until the freshman game at the end of the season. Recovered a fumble. That was the end of my football career.

074 - I once farted while riding up a crowded escalator, blowing noxious ass gas right in the face of the person behind me. I heard them gag and curse. At the top, I sprinted out of the train station like a felon. That's the last fart story in this post. Promise.
075 - I tend to eat my food serially off my plate (not cereal-ly). One bite of each item to check it out, then all of item A, then all of item B, etc.
076 - From
Ms. Florida Transplant – "What blogger would I most want to meet?" That's rough, so get ready for some serious name dropping. (And if I don't mention you, please don't feel slighted.) Bloggers I have met include Gwen, Grant Miller, Bacon Lady, Some Guy, and Alexander, so they are off the list. Shortly, I will be meeting Sass and H, so we won't count them. MelO? It's only a matter of time before we get together for lunch (seriously girl, pick a date). And, no offense intended, but I'd rather Dr. Zibbs remain the mythical man behind the curtain. Yourself, Candy, or Cora? Picking one of the hot chicks is just too, EXPECTED of a guy. I would even choose Wilwarin for a trip to Australia. Next time in I'm in Winnipeg (maybe 2 years from now) I'll stalk down Poobomber. And Mike, Randy, and Cowguy seem like interesting guys, but I think right now, the person I want to meet is the iNDefatigable mjenks (and he can bring the Buxom and Comely and Easily Terrified Boudicca, too!)
077 - I first grew my goatee (technically, a "Van Dyke", but everyone calls them "goatees") during
the Sabbatical, because a co-worker told me it would make me look younger. I keep it because it makes shaving quicker and easier in the morning. And I only have to shave every other day. I have taken it off a few times, but always grow it back.
078 - I'm normally an even keeled person, and I don't really have a "mildly irritated." When you see me start to be a little agitate, that means I'm ready to pop. Not get physical or anything, just turn into a ranting, raving, terrifyingly rational lunatic.
079 - *I have a hard time replacing technology that still works. I was very upset when my answering machine of 15 years died, because they don't make ones that use two full sized cassette tapes anymore. Other say I'm cheap.
080 - If I'm out DRINKING, I'll usually hang with my close personal friend, the Captain. My other "serious" drink is a 7 & 7. Beer is my "taking it easy" drink. I miss living a couple blocks from
Goose Island. I get back there once a month or so. I have my MBA (Master's of Beer Appreciation) card for completing the 40 beer circuit, so I get discounts or upsized to an imperial pint when I go.
081 - *I had a wheel fall off my car while I was driving down the road at 55 mph. "Do you mean…" No. I mean the whole damn wheel assembly, as a unit, departed the vehicle, at speed, and went bounding through a field and cow pasture leaving me to deal with the sudden "tripodiness" of my car.
082 - My favorite restaurant in Chicago is a little storefront pasta joint call
Pasta Palazzo. It was near my old place. They cook your sauce on stoves that are right behind the counter. Great food. Reasonable prices.
083 - A few years back, my mom and dad went on vacation, and they stayed at a "friends" house. I thought they were nuts. Mom had met this woman playing on-line bridge, but had never met her in real life until they showed up at her house. At the time I thought she was insane. How could you ever… Yeah, the irony is sinking in. I told you my God has a good sense of humor.
084 - *The single most painful event of my life was my root canal. I have no idea what #2 would be.
085 - While I usually write in black ink. I sometimes use green. Or red. Never blue. It seems, ordinary. 086 - I come from a Coca Cola family. My sister married into some kind of Pepsi cult, and we no longer trust her with family secrets.
087 - Speaking of which, my love of Diet Coke has been replaced with my love for Coke Zero and Cherry Coke Zero.
088 - My dad was so upset with John Kerry, that he banned Heinz Ketchup from his house.
089 - I was 35 before I cooked a frozen pizza in my apartment. Still have them only rarely. I live in Chicago. Good pizza can be delivered until 5:00 am.
090 - I like black licorice.
Goody & Plenty candy. Not every day, but as a special treat.
091 - My Senior Prom date is a fairly well known regional news personality down state.
092 - Ladies, I'm actually a pretty good shopping companion.
093 - I used to always take my college ring and watch off when I drove, and set them on the seat next to me. One time, after driving down to my parent's house out in the country, I scooped up all the trash from the car, and tossed it in the burning barrel. A few days later, and about 3 fires in the burning barrel later, I was looking all over for my ring and watch. With dread, I scooped about 6 inches of ash out of the barrel, and ran the hose over it. Found 'em! The watch was toast, but Jostens cleaned up my "Ring of Fire". (I have since lost the ring for good.)
094 - I was a camp counselor at a camp for gifted kids at college in the summer between my junior and senior years of college. I had one kid who took a shower with his clothes on because, he "forgot he was wearing them."
095 - I was on a panel at a tech conference once, on the first day. Felt like a rock star the rest of the conference with everyone asking my opinion.
096 - I wore a hat, and a green trench coat most of college.
097 - I don't have a fear if heights. I have a RESPECT for heights, and a fear of plunging to my death. Well, not so much the fall, but the sudden stop at the end.
098 - I am somewhat claustrophobic. And get the FUCK away from me with that snake.
099 - I dated a girl who had a bird. Mean little fucker. And the bird wasn't no prize either.
100 - I think that
this guy has some good ideas for the CTA in 2055 has, but I would run the Brown line at Kimbal to the Blue at Jefferson Park, not his Paulina to Belmont route. first. Regardless, they need to add a Pink line stop at Monroe for the United Center.

101 - I like "The Office", but I hate Steve Carroll's character. Too over the top. Breaks my suspension of disbelief.
102 - If you dislike Jar-Jar Binks like I do, you should find
THIS funny. This is OLD SCHOOL computer animation.
103 - St. Louis / Chicago high speed rail. A stop in Springfield or Bloomington Normal. Just do it. It's 300 miles. 5 hours by car. It's a 40 minute flight, but dicking around with the airports, the time is virtually a wash, due to the fact that you then have no car. Get the train to about 2.5 to 3 hours? And you can use your laptop and cell phone the whole way? No freaking airport security? You get what I'm saying here.
104 - I can juggle. Only 3 balls. Not clubs or flaming chainsaws or anything like that.
105 - One time, while getting into my car, my trench coat caught the turn signal level and snapped that sucker CLEAN OFF. Bet that never happened to Batman.
106 - From
Cora: "What is the most embarrassing song on your I-pod?" My iPod still has Christmas music on it.
107 - From
Cora: "What toys do you have?" Well, I have a couple stuffed animals (including a flying monkey, and an RCMP moose), a Marvin the Martian, Bugs Bunny, and Wily E. Coyote figures, a replica phaser and communicator, a hand full of hand held electronic games, and that's about it. While there are quirks in the details, my place is surprising adult.
108 - From
Cora: "What is your biggest regret?" I'm gonna flip this. What should you regret, but don't. Quite possibly, the best woman I know (smartest, gorgeous, great mom, great friend, great person) I met just before entering college. She gave me her address, but I never wrote her. Seeing how her life turned out, I cannot regret us not getting together.
109 - I have a friend who I've known for almost 25 years. Good friend. She's been married for what, 5 years now?, and I've never met or spoken to her husband.
110 - Yes, at work when they use phrases like "scope creep" and "scope control" I snicker.
111 - My 2001 PT Cruiser has JUST over 39,000 miles on it. I'm facing about a 700 total miles down to St. Louis and back in a week and a half. That means, I may hit 40,000 sometime in mid-March, early April. I'll keep you posted.

Yes, I went to 111. I like the looks of the number better than 100. And I really couldn't think of anything to cut.

So, did that answer questions, or raise questions?


~E said...

I fully intend on reading all of this in a little bit. Just couldn't resist being number one comment on the post!

~E said...

Good answer! And geez...you deserve some sort of award for coming up with 100 separate things to talk about.

Scope said...

Thanks. You asked, and I put some though into it.

And thanks for noticing that I didn't phone this in. I have been working on it since BEFORE Christmas. I'm glad to be done with it and FREE of it.

Wilwarin said...

Thanks for the link to me. I took *cough* several *cough* pictures of my name underlined on your page, that will take some explaining... Also in the travel section you don't seem to have been to Australia! all the more reason to visit me! just keep in mind that at the moment it's too hot to talk.
Happy make your own vacuum day!

Poobomber said...

"Next time you're in Winnipeg..."?

Hahah, you usually only hear that in relation to someone serving a prison sentence here.

Congrats on 100 posts man! You sound like my long lost twin brother sometimes, it's spooky!

Cora said...

Poo should have done this yesterday only with 1000 facts. Now I feel cheated. :-)

Okay, so...

5. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more indeed, sir.

17. "But I've had the same plant for like 20 years" totally cracked me up!

21. I think this is my favorite one. :-) People are people, true.

24. I'm a big fan of Scope's Law II

29. We're talking 7 women, right? Not 7 times? (wink)

35. Ahh, the girls.

46. Digital SLR is on my list too. Maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday.

48. He's a genius. I agree. He floors me.

49. I went to Stonehenge when I was 4 or 5. I remember it pretty well. It was spectacular.

64. NYC, LA and Seattle, yes. (duh on the last one) Boston, never been there.

69. My dad is an engineer at Boeing.

71. Well, duh. 6'5" ;-)

81. SCARY!!!!

90. Ewwww. I hate black licorice. It smells good though.

92. Define good shopping companion. You're not the guy sitting outside the fitting room holding a purse, are you?

94. Ahh, well, gifted or not, kids are kids. :-)

98. Fear of snakes? We would not have gotten along as kids then. I once had a boy dare me to catch a garter snake and wrap it around my neck. I did it. I liked it. I repeated the experience often. I was the bane of my mother's existance. I'm NOT saying I would do it now!

99. You know how I feel about birds. (shudder)

GREAT LIST! How long did it take you to piece this together? Bravo! And thank you for linking me as a hot chick - nice way for me to start the day, I mean it. :-)

Have a great day, Scope! And happy 100th anniversary!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

A few observations:
6'4" or taller?? Hmmm Interesting.

7 count? Really? Ironic-I thought I was the only human in the world.

Pere Lechaise Cemetary,Paris-I though it was a beautiful place, and the fact that I though that I felt was creepy of me. Glad to know I'm not crazy. Morrisons grave was bizarre-with all the joints, cigarettes and rubbers strewn all over it and I found it quite ordinary.

Thanks for saying you think I'm hot, but make no mistake-there would be nothing ORDINARY or EXPECTED about meeting me.

Euro Disney sucks

I used to love black licorice-until I fought a battle with a bottle of Zambuca and LOST. Now I can't even smell it.

Loved this post. And congrats to you my friend on 100!!
Heres to 100 more!!!!

Sass said...

So, if you're Poobomber's long lost brother, and I'm your psychic cousin, I guess that means I need to stop making out with Poobomber because we're somehow related?


I took the train to Chicago, not long ago, and my 8:30 p.m. arrival ended up being at 12:30 a.m. I can't say I'm up for that again, soon.

And the very first flight I ever took was from Chicago to Brussels.

Yet another way we are somehow alike. Scary.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Congrats on the 100 posts! That's easily the best 100 list I've read.

Your fart stories are hilarous.

Your lucky your worst feature is your toes.

I didn't picture you as a PT Cruiser-type guy. Interesting.

Gwen said...

YAY! I don't have time to read the list - running late for work - but I will be back at lunch to peruse.

I'm happy to have been a part of getting you on the web. You are a fantastic addition to our little community and I've enjoyed getting to know you personally over the last year. Can't wait to see you in one week, three days!

Scope said...

All, thanks for the comments so far. You are too kind. Like Gwen, I'm running late for work, and I don't think the BB is up for handling the replies I want to make, so don't feel shunned, I will get back to you all tonight, promise.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

Srg said...

This was a great post! And I'm still laughing over all the noxious ass gas entries. And on an escalator to boot. That's just downright evil. :)

Some Guy said...

Nicely done, Scope! Congrats on the big 1-0-0!

Cowguy said...

Well done! And honestly... who CAN stop watching Road House before the end? Hmmmm? I'll tell you who, Richard Simmons.


Dr Zibbs said...

Look out! There's a bigfoot behind you!

As for no one night stands, that's too bad because they're probably one of the best things in life. Except if you're going to do it now. Please. Wear protection.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You know...I could copy and past this and change a few things and I could then claim it to be my 111 things of note. But I'm too lazy. Like you and the answering machine.

Well done, though, well done. And congrats.

And, if I get roped into making the trip to South Bend this summer, I'm making a break for Chicago.

H said...

Looking forward to meeting you in person Scope!

Ellie Mae said...

Hey Scope! (Have I ever called you that?) Very nice list. A comment about Pisa--I also mentioned visiting on my 25 random list and I relished being at that famous place I had heard about since I was a child--remember Schoolhouse Rock?--But Sam was bored. We both agree the food sucked; we didn't eat much good food in Italy at all. Sam claims Rice a Roni is better than some dish he had in Venice. But back to Pisa...we got lost trying to find the tower (driving a rental) and asked some lady on her stoop with a combination of English and gestures about how to find the tower. She points one way, we smile, say thanks and wave and go...straight out of town. We finally turned around after seeing some scantily clad streetwalkers and realized the nice lady had screwed us. A short time later, Sam parks on some random street, as we are still lost, goes up to some guy and walks away with him, leaving me in a car I can't drive (manual) plus he's taken the keys! Fortunately the Italian guy had your philosophy of helping tourists and helped Sam get a parking pass so we weren't towed and personally escorted us to the tower! We also managed to drive on some sidewalks in Florence and got into such a narrow place, we had to fold in the mirrors on the car.
Where do you have your green trench stored? Because I know you still have it!

Giggle Pixie said...

Congrats on 100 - that was an awesome list!

SkylersDad said...

What a list! That was an amazing amount of work. If I were to do that I would get to #4. I am lazy so...

Lisa said...

Very interesting! I threw my 3 coins. If I get rich, I'll make you my travel partner and I'll be prepared with 3 for you and 3 for me.

Good taste in movies!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Hey! Whose up for turning this into 100 comments???

Cora said...

Candy - we should!!

Cora said...

Like this.

Cora said...

Just a bunch of mini comments though so poor Scope doesn't have to stay up reading all night....

Cora said...

...he has a life after all...

Cora said...

...and, I'm sure, better things to do too.

Cora said...

How many are we up to now?

Cora said...

Egad, 28!

Cora said...

So, really, I want to know what being a good shopping companion means! I'm a speed shopper, so for me a good companion would be someone who runs down the aisle in front of me shoving the other shoppers off to the sides so I can get done ASAP. would you do that for me Scope?!

Cora said...

we should be up to 30 now.

Cora said...

Yeah, I'm gonna let someone else take this 100 comment goal on for a second. Work to do.

Cora said...

But I'll be back later.

Cora said...

I promise...

Cora said...

unless there is a power outage!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ok-my turn.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

let's see..I just read a post on dating and he used the words

Candy's daily Dandy said...

see what I did there? suspense...
he used the words vagina and penises

Candy's daily Dandy said...

and now I cant get the words out of my head

Candy's daily Dandy said...

his post was quite clever and witty

Candy's daily Dandy said...

he said alot without really saying anything at all

Candy's daily Dandy said...

the link to his Buddha road blog is here

His name is John. Check him out.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

AND..this makes it 43, in honor of the anniversary of your last birthday!

My work is done here. Peace!

mike said...

Okay, I have some comments on your list, only because you mentioned my name. (I'm that easy.)

-You're 6'4" and 285?! You are the Shaq of blogging. You can be Scope Fu or Scope Daddy or the big Scopctus.

-Thank you (#7 and #8) for clarifying that IL is in fact in the United States.

-I friggin' CANNOT STAND open cabinet doors. Are you crazy or something? Why even put a door on the stupid thing if you arent going to shut it? ARRRGH that drives me nuts.

-I also LOVE Road House.

-I like how you made B(0)(0)Bs

-I hate black licorice but like Sambuca.

-You know how I know you have no Gaydar? You drive a PT Cuiser.

Haha just kidding. Congrats on Number 100...

Altadel said...

I think you wore that green trench coat under your gown at graduation.

Size 13 shoes: there are cows out there with their insides outside. Oh, and big socks.

Gifted camp: I think I remember that kid.

Been to LA, Seattle. You're not missing much.

MB, SK: you drove up and fell asleep after the border, dincha? Woke up in Yorkton, thinking WTF?

#027: you need professional help. That's just wrooooooooong.

which 32nd?

Cora said...

Candy, it looks like we still have some work to do.

Cora said...

I'll have to make this a quickie (ha!) because American Idol is starting in a minute (sad where my priorities lie, I know, I know. Sorry, Scope)

Scope said...

Then let me get my Blackberry set on VIBRATE first!

Cora said...

My blog called Scope "evelu"....Evil You, indeed.

Cora said...

Ahh, yes, the vibrate! Dammit, now you've lured me in again and I'm missing A.I. So much for a quickie, Scope!

Cora said...

I'll be back at the commercials

Cora said...

Still vibrating? :-)

Cora said...

So, seriously, Scope, do you refer to the 7 women you got lucky with as "The Lucky Seven"?

Cora said...

Well? Do you?

Cora said...

Do you?

Cora said...


Cora said...

You're very creative at spelling B(o)(o)B, Scope. I'm impressed. That's funny.

Scope said...

No. The "Magnificent Seven". Even though #3 wasn't that good. ;-) But #2 made up for her. (Incase she's reading!)

Cora said...

Egad, A.I. is back on - excuse me for a minute

Sassy Britches said...

With regards to #22, I'm digging the open mind thing.

#103: Can we please get the Amtrak to have a hub somewhere else in Illinois in addition to Chicago? I'm all for the high-speed Chicago-St. Louis, but I can't get to St. Louis or Springfield or Galesburg if I'm on the Carbondale-Champaign-Chicago line. I have to go all the freakin' way up and then back down (not that I would, but you get the point). Work on that for me, would ya?

Shana said...

VERY interesting.
I am a diet Cokeaholic but can't stand the taste of CokeZero!!
You are one cool dude.

Shana said...

VERY interesting.
I am a diet Cokeaholic but can't stand the taste of CokeZero!!
You are one cool dude.

Scope said...

Sassy Britches - Maybe not a true "hub" but I think a St. Louis to Atlanta run of somekind with a transfer point somewhere down state would be good.

Shana - On pop, to each there own. I guess there are people out there that like the diet Coke with Lime in the can. So what can I say.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Officially de-lurking to mention that #37 and #40 should somehow go together. "Nobody puts Scope in the corner!". Cue music and dancing.