Scope's Giving Me An Art Attack

I'm not the world's biggest art snob. On my passing, I don't think my brass monkey collection is headed to any sort of museum. But probably like many of you, I have a few select pieces that I have picked up here and there that I find interesting. And I felt a bit like sharing. (It was either this, or do a meme about my purse!)

Both pieces are by the same artist, Marj Mowers. She's from my home area. I picked both up at separate times , maybe10-18 years ago, at our hometown summer festival. They were both in the $75 range I would imagine. My parents have a work or two of hers, also, and so does an aunt of mine. The paintings are acrylic on wood, and both hang where I can see them while working on my computer. To the best of my knowledge, neither has a name.

Until now.

Marm – Yes, this is an old school desktop with the inkwell hole. As you can imagine, it is a bit heavy. I was drawn to this painting by the flowers. I don't know what it was, but they just look so nice sitting there. I have a lot of teacher friends who have told me in no uncertain terms that they want this painting.

'dems da berries – These strawberries are served on a wooden tabletop. I really didn't have anything else really Asian inspired in my house at the time (I have since gotten a bamboo shoot as a housewarming present), so I'm not sure what did this for me. Maybe it was the ½ Korean girl that I'd dated? Maybe I needed a companion piece to 'Marm' so that I would then have a set? I honestly don't know. But, I did end up getting a spice box almost identical to the one in the pictures from my grandparent's house.

My decorating style incorporates a lot of darker, natural wood tones, and a lot of brass accents. These pieces really strike a good balance for me. They might be pictures of flowers and strawberries, but they are also manly enough that they could be used to render someone unconscious, without a great fear of damaging them.

And DAMN IT! I'm starting a meme. I'm sure it's not original. And I'm sure I don't care.

Here are the rules for Scope's Giving Me An Art Attack:

1. Post a picture of at least two pieces of art that you have in your house/ apartment/ room/ cardboard box, etc. and write a little bit about them.

2. Link back to the post you picked this got this from, and to my blog (http://scope-tech.blogspot.com/) so that I can see whose house/ apartment/ room/ cardboard box I want to loot next. :-)

3. Do not tag anyone. This meme is to be offered up free to the taking, with no obligations to be bestowed upon others.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Brilliant still lifes! I really like both of them. Sounds like they compliment your decor to perfection.

Damn! I did a self imposed meme today! That fills my quota for at least a few months. But I like this idea.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ok-you get "S for Scope-a-licious!"

Have at it!

Cora said...

Interesting idea, Scope. I like this meme. You're speaking my language here. Of course, you already know what I'll be posting.

I love the strawberry painting. That is gorgeous!!

And, so, what...you're not going to show us your purse? You should go see what Sky Dad did when he got tagged with the purse thing yesterday - he showed us what was in his pants! Oh yeah. It was quite impressive too. ;-)

Sassy Britches said...

This is a amazing. And thought-provking. Maaaayyyybe moreso than what's in your purse, so I'll spare you the whining I REALLY want to bestow for not giving us a peek.

I think I'll try this one out.

Scope said...

Candy - The meme is always open. I turned the post into a last minute meme so that is anyone felt like doing a similar one, they wouldn't view it as stealing.

Cora & Sass Britches - Keep your pants on! Wait, take your pants off! ;-). I will get to the "murse" this week. I just need the time to do it correctly, and I had this one half written and the pictures taken. But I'll get there either tomorrow or Friday (dinner with friends tonight).

This is meme week here at Scope-Tech it seems.

SkylersDad said...

This looks fun! Anybody want to see my dogs playing poker?

~E said...

You could still do the purse meme. It would be interesting!

As for art...I have none. No really, my walls are either blank or covered with pictures of friends and family and as much as I love them all, I don't think they can be considered works of art.

Sassy Britches said...

Just put my meme up; come visit!

Cora said...

Scope, I did it!! The Art Attack meme, I mean. I know you've seen most of these already, but I included one I didn't show you last time which I think you might get a kick out of. Enjoy!

Morgan the Muse said...

Oh, those are manly.

Morgan the Muse said...

So, I am majorly way behind, but I did one! ^.^

I blame technology.