100-4-100: 2

Okay, so I was going to write a mass comment on my 100-4-100 post, but I couldn't do it. It was going to be too much for that little box, so I figured I'd just make an entry out of the response.

Easier for you to read.

Easier for me to write.

Win / Win.

Wilwarin – Yes. In the who do I want to meet section, I declined the opportunity to meet you. In my mind, the question was like, fly/drive to where they live, hang out for the day, and then fly/drive home. That's a lot of flight time if I don't even have time to have a good koala stew. And you are correct, I have never been south of the equator but someday do hope to make. And when I do, I'll come a knock'n, okay?

Poobomber – Last time I was there, we had some Greek food at the Pembina Village Restaurant‎, staying at the Quality Inn right round there. Yeah, that's freakin' yo shite now, isn't it? And I don't know if you've ever noticed on my sidebar, the pictures in "Oh the places you'll go…" there should be one that looks a little familiar. I plan on a feature explaining where all those are, someday.

And I take the "long lost twin brother" as the compliment it was intended.

17. I got the plant from my grand father's funeral in the late 80's, just when I had moved out on my own. The thing simply won't die. About 10 years ago, I thought I was going to be a "plant guy" so I bought a Norfolk Island Pine, and some mini orange bush thing. They were dead in 3 weeks. I swear I heard my mocking laughter and saw a little "Cabbage Patch" (WARNING: This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK) dancing from my plant as I hauled their remains to the trash. Maybe it killed them while I wasn't looking.

21. I shouldn't get too much credit for the not GAYDAR thing. It's not that I'm so enlightened, I just can't muster the energy to CARE about a stranger's sex life. (Incorporating say,
Emily Deschanel into a fantasy or two is a different story.)

29. Yes, 7 different women, smarty-pants. :-) (Now I'm think of your pants…)

35. Now I'm thinking about something else! (o)(o)!!!

49. You visited when you could get a lot closer to the rocks than you can today. I enjoyed it, but the wind was blowing through the pasture.

92. "Shopping companion" – Aide. If you need a blocker to clear a path, if I need to "Find this is blue" I will, I will sit in the "idiot chair" holding the purse (and I won't hold it like it was a dead ferret, either) if need be. I am there for you, helping you satisfy your needs, so that maybe later…

Candy - Pere Lechaise Cemetary, Paris – Jim Morrison's grave saddened and depressed me due to the same crap you mentioned. I just used him as a touchstone for people. Moliere, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde. We had half a day left in Paris before catching a train, and it was a wonderful, peaceful experience. However, just because I agree with you does not mean that you are not crazy. Ask my friends.

I clearly stated that the CHOICE of meeting you would be expected from a guy, not that the actual meeting would be. Clearly. But in real life, I'd probably hit it off better with Candace. ;-)

Sass – I have a VERY close family (does anybody else hear banjos?) so you and Poobomber are good.

As I understand it, your train delay was due to freight traffic in the evening, and is fairly common. Same thing happened to me riding out of Kewanee after Hog Days.

Ms. Florida Transplant – Thank you very much. It wasn't funny to the poor sap behind me, but sometimes things can't be helped.

The PT Cruiser is a versatile hatchback with plenty of head room and seats that my parents can ride in. Plus, they were new and a little quirky, which I liked. And I must say, a 46" Samsung TV fits perfectly in the back, box and all.

Gwen – No, thank you for getting me out here. It has really been fun. And I am looking forward to seeing you soon, too.

Srg – The escalator was narrow as hell, with no room to pass (well, there was room to pass gas) <-- That's my foot sitting crossways on it.

Some Guy – Thanks. And it was good meeting you as part of this.

Cowguy - I think Richard Simmons would at least sit through the fight at the side of the lake when Dalton rips that dudes throat out.

Dr Zibbs – That's just Mel the Sasquatch after my
Kokanee. And thanks for not being grumpy that I'd prefer not to meet you. It a respect thing, honest.

iNDefatigable mjenks – Take the South Shore or the Indiana Tollroad. Either way gets ya here.

H – I'm looking forward to meeting/meating you, too. ;-)

Ellie Mae – The coat and the hat are in the guest room closet. The plaid Mac scarf I wore today.

Giggle Pixie – Thanks. Maybe you could hitch with the iNDdefatigable mjenks?

SkylersDad – Oh, I have no doubt that if you set your mind to it, you could do it. I started before Christmas. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

Lisa – Who said we had to get "rich" to run off to Rome together? And I seriously thought I'd get more comments on "In Bruges". Man I loved that movie. To the point where I don't want to see it again, incase I don't love it as much the second time, and then it will feel, tarnished.

Candy & Cora – Thanks for the thought. I'll be setting my Blackberry on vibrate now…

mike – That's my cheap pimpin' goal, to get people to comment. I would say that the "Born In The USA" was a Super Bowl joke, but it's been in the list for a month.

Cabinet doors – Once, when he was passing through my area, after we were roommate, T-Bone knew where I hid the spare key, so he came in and opened EVERY SINGLE CABINET AND DRAWER AND DOOR IN THE WHOLE APARTMENT! I walk in and panic thinking I'd been robbed. But since the TV and the VCR were still there, I quickly knew what was going on. Roommate revenge. A dish best served cold.

Road House – Who doesn't love it? Damn communists who never got over their
Red Dawn ass whooping, that's who.

I cannot take credit for inventing writing it as "B(0)(0)Bs" but I will try to write it that way the rest of my life.

Altadel – I wore it AS my gown, what are you talking about? Gifted kids? Good form of birth control. And there is no town name lie like Good Water, Saskatchewan!


Cora said...

Well, look at that. There's a new post. Scope, you're a busy, busy boy. Poobomber is rubbing off on you. Eww.

So, the Cabbage Patch link - is that how YOU dance? :-)

You'd hold my purse in the "idiot chair" without looking like you're holding a dead ferret all to satisfy my needs?! Well, I think my blog was wrong about you. I see no evil. For now. (wink)

Poobomber said...

Yeah, I'm rubbing you like Cora said!

Oh wait.

I see the Winnipeg bridge, but I didn't see pictures of hookers from the car window, are you sure you've been here lately?

Cora said...

Oh, and you can think of my pants if you want to, I guess, but there's really no point, silly, because I'm not wearing any. No, sorry to disappoint you, I know how you like pants. It's just me here in a towel. I apologize. I could go put pants on if that makes you feel better....

And as for the "mini orange bush thing" you said you had, how funny, I used to have one as well! But then I shaved it off. (redhead joke) ;-)

You're welcome for those images. I felt I should do something to counteract the image of Poo rubbing off on you. :-)

Have fun at work! (hee hee)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I like a guy who is secure enough in his manhood to work a Louis Vuitton handbag the way it was meant to be worked.

Scope said...

Cora - Not for me. The towel imagery will do nicely, thanks.

Poo - I think the floods from 3 or 4 summers ago had forced them to flee to government run refugee camps in Woodham. Wood-Ham. :-)

Candy - As a guy who often carries a nice, leather "european carry-all" of my own, I will give your LV the LoVe and respect it deserves. If it's "Hello Kitty" or something you picked up at the "Craft/Crap Show", me attitude might vary.

Lisa said...

Fine then. Let's go!

Dr Zibbs said...

Please rewrite this post and add links.


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I was glancing through your 100 things again and noticed that you wrote 3 financial systems.

I have to write a paper about accounting information systems this semester for a grad class. Maybe I can quote you if I have any questions?? :) I don't know the details of what I have to write about yet.

Scope said...

I would love to, with links to the locations within the previous post, but that would be:

1) WAY TOO MUCH LIKE WORK and the faux SQL I already did today is close enough on the blog to work as I want to get.
2) I'm flying out of town in the morning and don't have the hours it woukd take.
3) I tried to include context as best as possible, and I figured people would do some tabbed browsing to flip back and forth between the two.
4) I did at least put you in the tags.

Giggle Pixie said...

One of these days mJenks and I are going to show up on the South Shore and surpirse the heck outta you!!

Oh, but you have to promise to do that Cabbage Patch thing for us. lol

Scope said...

Ms. Fla. Xplant;

Aside from yourself, I probably understand multicurrency financial reporting and budgeting better than most of the other readers. I can wax nostalgic about repricing a plan, remeasuring the balance sheet, and the effects of redistributions and backing out last month's journal entry in local, when the exchange rate to the dollar has changed, so you have that gain/loss sitting there that shouldn't be.

I was just getting ready to do some constant dollar 4 year trend reporting CY-2, CY-1, CY+Forecast, NY Plan when things went south. I can promise you, it wasn't due to an error in the financials. I would literally spend hours. Looking for $15. Because the BALANCE SHEER is called that for a reason. ;-)

Ah, glory days indeed. And that should explain tons, doesn't.

Lisa said...

okay... but i'm leaving my bag packed in case you change your mind.

Scope said...

GP - I did the ride about a year ago. Long, but not really worse than driving it. I cannot believe fools do that every day.

Lisa - Who said anything about changing a mind? I just ran over and saw your vlog entry. That's a voice I could ROAM/ROME with! ;-)

Lisa said...

I'll get the flights booked asap!

Sassy Britches said...

Well, poop on this! I saved these bad boys for the weekend because I thought you had gotten a second wind with a Part 2 from the looks of the titles, and it was all about responding! I hope I get a little response too somehow. :(

Scope said...

Sassy - 111 was probably WAY more than people really wanted to know. But glad you read part #2.

I got your Amtrak answered in the prior post, and I was working on that Monday Meme, which I should have done tomorrow. Just sneaking in on line while everybody else is napping on my visit.

And using the LogMeIn that I talked about so that I'm not accidentially leaving anybody else logged into my blogger account. :-)