Tech-Talk – Torch

Torch As I have mentioned more than once here, I'm a BlackBerry user. I think I'm on at least my fourth different model.

Maybe fifth.

About two weeks ago, I upgraded to the new BlackBerry Torch touch screen / slider from the first generation Bold. The roller ball was getting a little balky at times, and I was eligible for an upgrade. Plus I needed to get the gals new phones, so it was off to the AT&T store.

I'm not an Apple person. There's no way I would go iPhone. Especially since I ride the L every day, and see way too many people sporting the "cracked screen app". The iPhone may look nice, but it is WAY TO FRAGILE for me. I want something that isn't going to shatter right off.

But enough slagging, on to my Torch review:

But first, I must say, "Yes", that is my Torch, that is my chair, and that is the background I always use.

The Good:

  • It's a Blackberry. It feels like a 'berry. It works like a 'berry. It's a 'berry.
  • The new browser – It does a much better job rendering web pages than the previous incarnation. On the Storm, I couldn't really display my blog's format. The torch handles web pages much better.
  • Battery life – At least for now, I'm getting a full day out of the charge.
  • Optical track-pad – A massive improvement over the track-ball, except it isn't as precise at times, which makes it harder to play Brickbreaker.
  • Camera – The camera on the new phone is a vast improvement.

The ???

  • While I wouldn't describe it as "loose", and the slider action feels smooth and sturdy, when slid out, there seems to be just a little bit of "play" in the top when it's slid out. I'm keeping an eye on it, though.

The Bad:

  • It's a touch screen, so there's ALWAYS fingerprints on the screen.
  • It's a touch screen, and I have decent sized fingers, so I really can't use the touch screen for typing. (Good thing it has a regular keyboard, too.) But, it does make the bonus rounds in Word Mole awesome.
  • Size – It's just a touch smaller than the Bold. I have have decent sized hands, so I don't need "smaller".
  • Micro-USB – I've got mini-USB chords and chargers coming out my ears. Gotta either replace them, or find an adapter* to carry in my bag.
  • Case** – There was no case included in the box.

The Verdict:

All in all, I'm very happy with it. Will probably take it in (there's an AT&T center across the street from where I work) to check on the wiggle in the lid, but otherwise, it's more than just a minor upgrade, this is a nice next generation device. If you're a BlackBerry user & AT&T customer, your should seriously consider this, if you haven't already.

* Radio Shack has a nice little converter plug. Bought 2.

** I also solved the case issue. Seidio made the clip that I used on my Bold. While due to size differences, it wouldn't fit, they just put out their clip for the Torch. My new one arrived in the mail late last week.


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, this review of a smart phone is like many other smart phone reviews I've read. There is no mention of the smart phone's ability to handle phone duties.
How does this phone sound on the other end of the line?

Scope said...

WIGSF3 - TO be perfectly honest, I've not used the phone feature much, and rarely will. When I'm out, I tend to be in places where (I feel, but others in society don't) phone calls are impractical at best. Riding public transit. Walking down heavily trafficed streets in a major metro area, etc.

The few times I have used it, the calls seemed like cell phone calls. Which is why I refuse to give up my land lines at home. They were fine for the brief exchange of information that would have been too long, and more important than text. But I wouldn't want to spend an hour on it.

Cora said...

As I'm reading this, Gwen's new phone is staring me in the face from the computer desk (whoopsie! Guess someone is phoneless at school today!) and it keeps honking at me because one of her friends (and I'm sure you can guess who) keeps texting her.


Is this what the girls do at school all day? Text each other during class?

I'm suddenly feeling a lot of love and appreciation for that cell phone-confiscating, drama (queen) teacher in all the High School Musical movies! Grrrrr.

Callista said...

@ Cora, it's the equivelent of our notebooks. LOL!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'll never own a "smart" phone.

Why, you ask?

Because I'm smart enough already. : P

Candy's daily Dandy said...

The iPhone is a lot heartier than you think. I hardly have problems and I have been an AT &T customer for many years.

Scope said...

Candy, while I hear you say that, I see 3 or 4 a week with shattered screens, including the young lady sitting next to me on the L today. 1/3 of her screen is absolutely shattered.

It may be perception vs reality. I'm certain not all Yugo's rusted and lost their gaps so their owners shoved a rag down the hole. But you don't need to see that too often to apply the stigma.

Lisa said...

i'm with you on the iphone thing... i have no issues with ppl being on their phones but it seems the iphoners are just ALWAYS on them and yes, my kid has the cracked app on his as well.

my other issue is i just don't like the bb. i hated the roller ball and the fact that it didn't have any touch screen abilities at all, but the new commercials and your review are making me want to go check them out. i'm verizon right now and they have a new bb flip that i want to go play with.

it's gonna need a far better camera than the previous versions too else it'll still be off the table for me.

i'll keep you posted. my phone (samsung omnia) is horrid, old and i'm long overdue for an upgrade so i get to go play with gadgets. :)

Scope said...

Lisa - Be sure to take a look at a one or two of the Android phones, too.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I'm way behind the times with a 3 year old flip phone... piggybacking on your parents' phone plan for $9.99 a month does have downsides!

Cute background! Such the family man now! :)

~E said...

Im an iPhone user.

Can I still be your friend?