A Helping Hand

Hey all, I have a neighbor here in Chicago who is also a blogger. She writes a food blog called, Elly Says "Opa".

She has a friend, Jane, who was bitten by a black recluse spider a while back. Jane's having a rough time (you can read about it HERE), and Elly is trying to help her out. She's donating all her blog's ad revenue for December to help Jane.

Her ads pay off for hits to the blog, not clicks on the ad. I know my readers are a good group of really caring, really wonderful people (who I also respond to guilt / flattery), and I know many of you would like to help. So, if you want to help Jane:


All this is going to cost you is a click. That's it. Click on the graphic up there and you're done. And if you could remember to go back the rest of month, that would be awesome.

And besides helping out someone, I know that some of you are "foodies" and you will probably really enjoy Elly's blog to boot. I'm sure you will find some great home recipes for you to try out.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful with the clicks. They track IP addresses, and if there's strange activity, they cancel the account and won't pay a dime. Been on the receiving end of a cancelled account because someone just kept clicking the ads.

SkylersDad said...

Done and done!

elly said...

Thanks for spreading the word!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Done! I like her. She said 'b*llsh!t'. ; )

Cora said...

A-ha! Now I know whose cooking is always making the whole condo hallway smell SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

Vodka Mom said...

clicked. and tweeted. And I will CLICK AGAIN dammit.