I Don't Care Who You Vote For, Except…

While I was out in Washington state for the Renton River days, I was handed this flyer.

[Please note: The mustache on the President is on the flier.  That is not something we at SCOPE-TECH have done.]

In order to avoid a lot of spam and whatever, I'm not going to mention the candidate by name or the branch of the Democratic party he supports, and I would appreciate you not doing so in your comments.  Any comment containing their names will be moderated out.  Sorry.

While I don't know how you specifically vote, I would ask that if you are a supporter of this PARTICULAR branch of the Democratic Party (not you regular Labor/Hippie Democrats.  You are more than welcome to stay) please stop following this blog, unfriend me on Facebook, and go away quietly.

People, please make sure that when you are voting, be informed.  Know the positions of the people you are voting for.  Even if they are a member of "your party".



Padded Cell Princess said...

I'm sorry, but was that a plan for a tunnel through the Bering Strait??? Holy inappropriate feat of engineering while your country is in a recession Batman!
I am not a member of any party as I think that part of being a free country means that you have the freedom to vote for whatever person you want to vote for...not the 'freedom' to vote for whoever is in 'your party'.
I'm not even in the US but I'm already sick of all the campaign wars.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Holy, stir up a big pot of crazy stew Batman!

I make it a practice to never discuss politics in mixed company.

Anonymous said...

Um...wow. Just...wow.

Cora said...

There are nutjobs in every group--I mean, you've met my family, right? ;-) But the scariest nutjobs hand out alarming fliers in children's parades. Wow.