It's Time We Came Clean About Something

(This is not a sponsored post.  But if Cascade wants to email me a coupon or two…)

I didn't grow up with a dishwasher.  We kids did it.  One would was.  Another dry.  One of my grandma's had a dishwasher, and I always remember how cloudy and etched her glasses always were.

Recently, we'd started having a problem with our dishes being cloudy.  I think they changed the formulation of my Cascade gel to make it friendlier for the environment. 

Now listen, we do a lot for the environment.  We use public transportation all the time.  We recycle.  We wash our clothes in cold water.  Is it too mush to ask the environment to let me eat off of dishes that don't have a cloudy film on them?  (Total first world rant, I know.)

We'd tried a couple of different soaps.  Some worked a little better, but the only way to get the glasses to really shine was to do them by hand.

Listen, it's 2013.  I've got a machine to do this drudgery, and to do it properly, and by gum, it's going to pull it's weight around here.

So Cora and I took a chance of some of those expensive Cascade Platinum gel packs that they've been touting on TV.  I mean, if commercials have taught me anything, it's that a "NEW & IMPROVED!" super premium product has to be at least marginally better than the base product.


And the dishes came out amazing.  The glasses where clear.  The plates had no dull film.  The silverware sparkled.

After the first wash.

And the routine "failures" of dishes that needed to be rewashed or hand washed have almost disappeared.

Are the dishes perfect?  No.  But I don't expect them to be.  Are the dishes a whole heck of a lot brighter and shinier?  Oh, you better believe it.

And hopefully whatever they are using in this doesn't get found to harm too many things in the environment, because I'm warning you, I'll start using paper plates and Styrofoam cups and really kick the environment in the twig and berries before going back to cloudy dishes.


Cora said...

And the inside of the dishwasher is shiny too. Like diamonds!

There's magic in those little pods. Definitely.

Vina said...

I thought I was the only one going crazy over the cloudy glassware! Thanks for the tip.

SkylersDad said...

We learned a great trick, use the regular dishwasher soap but put in 1/2 cup of white vinegar with it. The vinegar replaces the enzymes that they took out of all the dishwashing formulas!

Shana M said...

I have been making my own dishwasher soap lately and haven't had a problem!!!!!

When I get bored of doing it, I will try Cascade!

Anonymous said...

As cool as this is, A) I'm cheap, and B) my dishes aren't that nice anyway.

LegalMist said...

Let me get this straight. For years, you used Cascade and it worked great. Then they changed the formula and your dishes are covered in a cloudy film, but if you use "Cascade Platinum," they look great again?

How much you wanna bet that "Cascade Platinum" is the same formula they used to use in regular old Cascade, but with a much higher price tag?

Glad you are happy with it, and glad your dishes look good again, but I am nothing if not cynical about corporate America...