Cyber-Monday Wrap Up / The Voice

Man that was a blast.  Sorry I haven't been back since the big Cyber Monday event.  If you missed it, here's the roll of those I know who participated:

That Janie Girl - LINK


Padded Cell Princess - LINK

MJenks - LINK

Soda and Candy - LINK

Jan - LINK

Elly - LINK

Sassy Britches - LINK

The Vegetable Assassin - LINK

Rob-bear - LINK

Girl Interrupted - LINK

So. Cal. Gal - LINK

Shana M - LINK


Candy's daily Dandy - LINK

Mathdude - LINK

MoxieGirl - LINK

words...words...words... - LINK

I think I've figured it out.  While many on the people who posted I also know on that place called "Facebook", it just isn't the same.  It's a different "voice" over there.  I know my "voice" is different over here than over there.  Even in the dark, super special corners where my mother isn't lurking.

"Scope" doesn't play as much on Facebook.  Those are more "Eric's people".  Writing over there, I have such a broad audience of people that I mostly used to sort of kind of know or are related to, so I have to be more guarded.  Here?  This is my house, not Zuck's.  I have more freedom.  I love what I call "the long form".  Most every post I do has a picture or two.  I've recently increase my default font size (due to my eyes getting older).  Over there, you can't even BOLD that which needs bolding.

And I certainly can say that while I know some folks are still blogging and I appreciate it, it certainly was glad to hear some of those old voices again.

And now, a word from Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Illinois:



The Vegetable Assassin said...

I have the eye thing myself at the moment. Needing the reading glasses for the small print. Nothing makes you feel like you're getting old than a piece of your body you take for granted, starting to fail. I prefer to see it as "I look at stuff all day, my eyes are tired, damn it!" Then I eat some cake. Then I think I should stop that because my mid section doesn't deal with cake quite as well as it used to either. DEPRESSING! :)

So. Cal. Gal said...

I soooo get the font thing. Went to a restaurant last weekend and had to order something that I KNEW was on the menu because I couldn't actually read the damn thing. Stupid restaurant. ; )

And thanks for the links! I was able to read some of the blogs but not all of them. Til now.

Cora said...

That's how I used to feel about my blog too. Until You Know Who showed up.

Yes, The Dork Lord.

Shana M said...

Yeah, my blog is mostly for people that I don't know in real life--- so I can write what I want.
My facebook is mostly for my family and high school friends, with a few blogfriends as well.

No flu shot for me!!!

Padded Cell Princess said...

I am much more filtered on Facebook than my blog and goodness am I ever a wild one on Twitter! ...I totally made fun of 80 year olds via a tweet...so badass...