I Lost My Drive; Not My Yen

And I was doing so well, and then came July!

The perfect storm of our anniversary (4 years already?  Only 4 years?), a 2 week vacation, and then my hard drive crashing so hard my laptop wouldn't boot (thank God for backups).

But, in looking thru my loose change a while back, I found a quarter that didn't look right.  It's not that you can look at a back of a quarter these days and tell anymore, but this didn't look right, it had two heads.

But I flipped it over, and what I assumed would be good old George, and it was "100".

I was starting to feel ripped off until I Googled it.  Turns out it's worth about 97¢.  Hey, I just made 52¢.

Yen-1 Yen-2

I can handle that kind of exchange.

Now that I've almost gotten the computer back up and working right, I hope to start posting again on a more regular basis.  I'll fill you in.

Especially about the vacation.  Road trip down the Oregon coast.


Cora said...

When did blogging become so hard to do? I just don't know.

VEG said...

Dudes, what Cora said. When did this happen? I used to be able to touch my keyboard and words fell out and sometimes they even made sense!

Also, I need to hear about the Oregon Coast because it's an area I'm very interested in visiting myself SO THERE.

Scope said...

Working on a post for the Coast right now.