Rubble Rubble

So, if you've worked in an office, you know of the "office fridge".

And if there's an office fridge, there's going to be someone who takes food that isn't theirs.


We had one.


Here's some lessons (hopefully) learned by our thief:

  1. If you are going to take people's food with names on it, don't make it be your Directors.  They have the power to hold a grudge.
  2. Stick to the fridge on your floor.  There are cameras in the elevator lobby.
  3. If you do go to other floors on your raids, eat the food where you stole it.  There are cameras in the elevator lobby*.
  4. If you are going to steal half a pizza in the box, don't walk through the elevator lobby empty handed, and then two minutes later, walk back our carrying a pizza box.


How would you like to explain that one to the family:

Wife:  You're home early.
Hamburglar:  Yeah.  I got fired.
Wife:  What for?
Hamburglar:  Stealing food out of the fridge.
Wife:  Well, you're gonna be eating out of garbage cans, because I'm kicking your sorry behind out the door.


* This is also where the non-emergency stairwell is, so taking the stairs isn't an option, either.

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