London Calling–Part II

Like I said, I'd been to London twice before, and have "done" most of the tourist things.  But that doesn't mean on my time off, that I didn't do some of the touristy thing and revisit some old favorites.  And I got to check the last two items off that "Must See" list.

Below is a set of pictures from all around London.  They are roughly in chronological / geographic order.

Bank of England.  And another underground sign.  I shot a lot of them, but didn't publish many here. Trying to recreate the classic pose from HERE.
Gringotts Bank – Also the Bank of England
St. Paul's Cathedral – I walked by St. Paul's so many times, it was almost like it was stalking me
St. Lawrence Jewry DSC05497
Saint Alban Church Tower, Wood St. London.  It seems like 90% of London is built on or around old church grounds.
I love the red filter in Chinatown.  I was lookin' for the place called Lee Ho Fooks.  Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein. When I was in London 20 years ago, I saw the juggle on the taller unicycle in this very spot, juggling fire.

Trafalgar Square with the anti-Trident nuclear sub rally going on.

The gates of Buckingham Palace.
The London Eye, peaking out from behind they Horse Guard Parade.
The London Red-Eye.

St Margaret's Church; the little parish church.  Not to be confused with Westminster Abbey, which sits behind it.

Westminster Cathedral, the Catholic Cathedral in London.  Not to be confused with Westminster Abbey.
These are the newest photo op stars in London:  The Levitators.
Yoda & the Goldman.  These aren't the only two.
Careful Dick, Batman is readying the Bat-Pole. Scope, hanging out with the Queen.  See the flag?  She's home.
Platforms 9, 9 3/4, 10, and 11 at King's Cross station. DSC05507And I'm heading to the Hogwarts Express!
Tower Bridge at night.  Not to be confused with London Bridge. DSC04824-01 - CopyI have a thing for the Underground signs.  This is right outside where I was staying.
DSC04833-02Me, Richard, & Mike, crossing at Abbey Road.  The drivers in the area must plan routes around this intersection. Abbey Road Studios gift shop.  Not to be confused with the Westminster Abbey gift shop.
I would hate to wake up in bed with this horse's head next to me in bed. Flowers in Hyde Park.
I took a lot of pictures of flowers.  Not just for Cora. Allow me to introduce you to an old friend, Peter Pan.  I have visited him in Kensington Gardens each visit.
They have moved the pigeons out of Trafalgar Square.  They have found a home in Kensington Gardens, by the Round Pond. This gate at Kensington Palace is where all the flowers to Diana have been on my previous trips.
DSC04923This little dog took himself for a walk. St. Margaret's Church at Parliament Square
The Esme Percy fountain in Kensington Garden. We refer to these as "Eric Pictures" where I take a picture of something through something else.
Went with a vintage look for this one. DSC04948-02 - CopyIt's almost 2 o'clock, better get moving.
Do you even need to have a "Keep Out" sign? DSC04988-01I'm on a boat, headed to Greenwich, in the Mean Time.  I am also weary.
Is that guy doing what I think he's doing? DSC04991At least she said, "Yes".  That would have been awkward if she would have said, "No" while trapped on a boat.
Did you see "Thor: The Dark World"?  This is where the big battle took place.  They cleaned it up nicely, it appears. Prime Meridian @ Greenwich Royal Observatory.
Dolphin Sundial.  The gap between their tails. DSC05056-01I'm East.  I'm West.  I'm East.  I'm West.
This ball isn't in Times Square.  It drops every day at 13:00. At 221 B. Baker St.  Just dropping in on an old friend.
I was really hoping to see the horse bite or kick someone. And this is the Sherlock Holmes Pub.  Located no where near 221B, but not far from Scotland Yard.
He's smiling, but he will pop a cap in your ass. While I was there, I went to see The Doctor.
Last time I was here, this pool was a flower garden. Imperial Camel Corps Memorial along the Embankment.
St. Bride's Church: The inspiration for the tiered wedding cake. "Defend the Children of the Poor & Punish the Wrongdoer" – Old Bailey courthouse.
Coworker Lalie & her fiancée Richard. DSC04827-A - CopyCoworker Mike and I on our way to Abbey Road.

And now, off to Brussels…


VEG said...

Looks like you had a blast! This made me realize that the only times I've been to London in recent years is passing through the pit of hell they call Heathrow. Been a while since I wandered around the city though. Miss the old red double deckers where you could dangle off the pole. You don't see them so much nowadays I expect, they're all the newer model. Ah nostalgia!

Scope said...

I did have a good time.

While they tell me we landed in Heathrow, based on the walk I took from the plane to the terminal, I suspect I landed in York, and walked down a tunnel a couple hundred miles long.

And I didn't see any of the old pole dancer buses that I noticed. But then I was in the core of the city. Maybe some are still cruising around the grungier parts of the city.

Cora said...

And you discovered the miracle that is Bakewell Tarts. Don't forget those!