I've Got Your Number, BEATRICE!

This post was inspired the the wonderful and talented Sass.  Check her out today.  Yeah, she's posted her THURSDAY POST, Blogger just won't tell you.

The Back Story:

I moved into "the city" in the summer of 1999 so I had to get a new phone number.  Nothing new there.  Well, I kept getting calls ALL THE TIME for 'Beatrice'.  When her DOCTORS office left a message on my answering machine (and I hope she eventually got the news about that rash), I'd had enough and decided to act.  So I updated my outgoing message on my answering machine to try to make things CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The Outgoing Message:

That pretty much nipped the messages for Beatrice in the bud.  Or so I thought…

The Incoming Message:


Sass said...


And, thank you my friend. ;)

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Getting recycled phone numbers sucks. I used to get calls from collection agencies for Patricia. They called so often...it's not wonder she changed her number. The problem was, many of the collectors insisted that *I* was Patricia. During our discussions, they would put emphasis on my name, as though they were letting me know that they were saying "Jan" rather than Jan.

SkylersDad said...

That was great Scope! Back when I worked as a field engineer, our office had 4 lines with 1 number that rolled. If the 3rd line lit up before the first 2, we knew it was a call to a lumber yard. We took great delight in taking orders and promising fast delivery times to a number of people.

Ellie Mae said...

This has happened to us multiple times! For years we would get calls from people trying to call a patient in a room at the hospital. Trouble was there is no room corresponding with our number! Lots of people misdialed evidently.

I also got many nasty calls for a guy on my cell which continued even after I called them to inform there was no "Isaac" at this number. Plus several calls from some state agency warning of taxes due and dire consequences. I also recorded an informative outgoing message to try to stop the calls. They finally got the message.

mo.stoneskin said...

I remember someone telling me once how their incoming calls would get inexplicably directed to the house across the road, and vice-versa.

The phone company would not believe them, said it was a technical impossibility.

But while they could make phone calls, all incoming would go to the wrong house, and they got the other house's calls.

I wonder if Beatrice lived in that other house.

The Peach Tart said...

I loved the outgoing message. I would have laughed so hard if I had been calling for Beatrice and got that. You could tell the lady in the incoming call was amused.

Cora said...

Pffft! A Beatrice-free zone! Now THAT is funny!

I still get mail delivered to my house for the former residents. I've been living here almost nine and a half years!! I am sooooo tired of writing return to sender and all that crap and dropping them back in the mail. The companies never get the point and STILL keep sending crap for the long gone renters. *sigh* I figure The Powell's don't care at this point either if they haven't bothered updating their address in a darn DECADE. In fact I KNOW they don't care - I met them once. They came to a garage sale we were having and introduced themselves. I flat out told them we still get their mail and they just laughed about it. We're talking bank statements, Social Security statements and things like that! Amazing, huh?! I'd freak out if I knew my mail was going to someone else!! Good Lord!!

*end rant*

Sassy Britches said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. For real. I think I even snorted.

Scope said...

Glad you all enjoyed. You can tell that I'd obviously gotten one too many messages from people not paying attention to the voice, and I, admittingly SNAPPED!

I got a couple of other messages from people calling Beatrice who laughed, but none was as good as her work calling.

Now I have debt collectors calling to discuss "an important personal matter" with Maria.

I miss Beatrice a little.

J.J. in L.A. said...

When I first moved into this house, I'd get calls from people wanting a cab to pick them up from 'this or that' bar at 2 am. Those eventually stopped, I'm assuming the cab company went bust.

Now I get calls from a collection agency, looking for a GUY! I know y'all haven't ever heard my voice but I can guarantee the voice on my answering machine does NOT sound like a guy. Grr!