Saturday Afternoon Time Killers

Hey, I know it's the weekend, and reading is for suckers.  So, here are a couple quick videos to get you thru the weekend.

We watch a number of cooking shows around here, and as a dad who has had to keep the child alive for a few days on his own, I'm going to add some of these to the list.

The only thing I can say about this next clip is that it has far too little violence.

Chris Brown might like to smack women around, but the fool has mad skillz with Paint!  You may not want to play this with young children or old people in the room.

Okay, you've fooled around long enough.  Get back to raking those leaves and cleaning out the gutters.


Cora said...

Wicket should know better than THAT! Jeez.

So. Cal. Gal said...

You mean you guys didn't overdose on McDonald's while you had to feel the child? I'm impressed!

Scope said...

So. Cal. Gal. - Hardly. I think I did make her "EZ-Mac" once, but in all honesty, Cora and I split most of the dinner cooking. Some days she does it. Other days, I do it. Most days, we cook together. (I think that's one of our secrets to happiness, right there.)