Mine! Mine! Mine!

In the winter, there's a strange tradition in Chicago that takes over after a decent snowfall. It's called "Dibs".

It's basically the idea that if you shovel out your parking spot after a snowfall, you should get the spot when you come back home. Sounds fair, right?

And then it goes to the extreme.

I get it for a quick run to the store the day after a decent snow. 3 days after a 6" snow? Put your junky old kitchen chairs and milk crates back in your garage. You're embarrassing yourselves, here.


But, I guess if you leave your wife sitting out in the chair, and she's got THAT look on her face waiting for you to get back, well, go for it, big guy.

Do any any other cities have this type of thing? I'm lucky that I've got a garage spot in my condo (if "lucky" means having a separately deeded parking space with its own mortgage) so that I don't really have to deal with it.


Venom said...

OMG - that'd be the day that I'D be the one left out in the cold, sitting in the chair...

Padded Cell Princess said...

Wow, I have never heard of this! I will have to tell my sis as it's her first winter in Chicago!

Scope said...

Venom - I can't imagine ANY woman doing this.

PCP - Tell your sister, "Respect the DIBS." If you move that junk and park in the place, you will at minimum get someone running their keys along your door, and don't be surprised if they take shovels and bury your car under all the snow.

Cora said...

It is truly a sight to behold. And to point and laugh at.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I don't know about parking in snow but...

When you see someone in a WHEELCHAIR sitting in the middle of a HANDICAP space with a FULL shopping cart, take the damn HINT and find another spot! DON'T continue to pull forward and scare the SH!T out of the WHEELCHAIR user because you're an OLD LADY and the WHEELCHAIR user is scared you're gonna hit the GAS instead of the brake.

I'd rather sit in snow.

Anonymous said...

Never had to shovel a spot, but I was in heaven last January when I had to shovel my driveway here in Georgia. Did part of the street because I love it. I know that makes me crazy, but I just love shoveling snow.

Shana said...

i like shovelling snow too.... and we haven't had any to shovel so far. Boohoo!! But the snowploughs take care of most of the snow anyway, especially on bus routes so street parking isn't too bad.
I have my own parking spot in our apartment's lot so I am safe anyway.

That lady need a book, at least!!