Virtual Sunday Part 2 Cinema

Okay, I know today is really only "Virtual Sunday Part 2" for those of us with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday off, but since I don't get another holiday until Memorial Day*, I'm going to enjoy it.

Before we head out to see "Beauty and the Beast 3D" in a few minutes, I thought I would share this little number with you:

I was pretty surprised they didn't have a "MySpace" joke or "I didn't see you last night on AIM" or something like that, though.  And why isn't there a shot of him at a football game, wearing a Snuggie, exclaiming how great they are?

Do I have to start making my own videos now?

* For those of you in the South, that would be the day honoring the Union dead in the War of Northern Aggression.  My old roommate used to work for a national company based in Atlanta, and they did not get that day off as a paid holiday.


Anonymous said...

These "Shit XX Says/Never Says" videos are getting out of hand. But the "Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys" was pretty funny.

That Janie Girl said...

That was funny! But your videos would indubitably be better!!