Oh, Hi. Ohio – Part 2

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day…

So, Monday morning we split into 2 groups.  My sister's family & Mom & Dad headed out first, and we followed a little ways behind.  We showed up at the little town of Milan, only to discover that it was basically closed on Mondays.  Milan is the birthplace of Thomas Edison, and it has a cute little town square.  We drove around a little snapped a few pictures, and then headed for the next destination, a few minutes behind the rest.  (We'd return to Milan on Thursday).

My sister wanted to check out a basket factory in Berlin Height.  So we set off after them.  Only to find that the basket factory was out of business.

So, the morning slipping away into basically a nice drive in the country, we headed back to the house, changed, packed lunch, and headed to the beach.

While the house was on the lake, to get to an actual "beach" was about a 10 minute drive.

The beach itself was a typical "Great Lake" kind of beach to me.  Course sand, plenty small rocks at the water line, and pretty cold water.

But the beach had a decent view of the local lighthouse, and we did manage to wade out into the water a ways.



But then, nature attacked.  We tried picnicking on the beach.  My sandwich had a little too much "sand" to be palpable.  The sun started to burn my wife's sensitive skin, so she ran for shelter.  Where a fish was rotting and the bugs were biting.  She tried to be a hero, and not want to leave and spoil other peoples' fun.  Having eaten sand, gotten bit by biting flies, and smelled the rotting fish, I took charge.  Sent her to the car with the air conditioning, and headed back to tell everybody we were leaving.  Ran into my parents on the way back to the beach, and they were headed for shade, too. 

As I approached out little camp, I happened to look down, and saw a driver's license laying in the sand.  I started shouting the name on the card, no answer.  Kept doing it as I got to our camp.  Still no answer.  One last try before giving it to the cops who were in the parking lot, I yelled to a group of teens about 30 yards out in the lake.  One of the kids was like, "Yeah, that's me?"  When I told him to come up and get his license, well, I'm certain his buddies teased him all day.

I let me sister know that I was going to shuttle Cora and Gwen back to the house, and would be back for Mom & Dad.  (I took a seat out of my car to fit all the luggage, so there wasn't enough seats for everybody.  I dropped the girls off at the house, turned around to the beach and as I was picking up my parents at the gate, my sister and her family were leaving, too.


Cora washed the nature off of her, and relaxed for a while.

And another storm started to roll in.


Roll in quick and hard.  But as quickly as it rolled it, it blew thru.  And for dinner, we headed to a joint called "I5's" (It's 5 o'clock somewhere).  This is the place where the waitress and I had THIS CONVERSATION.


On the way too / from the beach, we saw this old grain elevator being torn down.  We had trouble trying to get pictures of it from the road, so we drove down be the demolition sight.


It's a tribute to how well these things are constructed that even at this level of demolition, and the things still standing tough.


Here's the view from the deck of I5's.

Next time: Island hopping.

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Cora said...

Nature was such a bastard that day!