Christmas Season–Art Institute–Old Water Tower

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went to the the Art Institute.


In under 24 hours.

The first was for my company Christmas party.  Cool venue. We were limited to the Modern Wing, but that wasn't so bad.  Saw a Picasso and then one of my favorite paintings:  Time Transfixed by René Magritte.  It was a big echo chamber that made conversation impossible.  The food and drink was good (the mini-corndogs were AMAZING), but I eventually got tired and had to head home, because the next day…


I was back at the Art Institute.  The Daughter had a project for her art class where she had go to the Institute and write about 10 different pictures that caught her eye.  I think this was her favorite:


Song Of The Lark by Jules Breton.  The rising sun looked like it was on fire, and the peasant girl looked a lot like Jennifer Lawrence.


This was my favorite "new to me" picture: The Old Temple by Hubert Robert.  It is one of 4 massive painting in a set, of Roman ruins.  So many little sub-scenes in the picture.


Even the wall paper outside the bathrooms was pretty cool.

AI-05 AI-06

I was out one day after work, heading to Water Tower Place looking for a calendar for Cora.  While I didn't manage to find a calendar that night (what kind of mall doesn't have a calendar pop-up store at Christmas?), I did get a couple of nice shots of Chicago's Old Water Tower and the pumping station next store.



And I think that the most impressive was this Lego (yes Lego) model in the Water Tower Place Mall.


And that brings us to…


That Janie Girl said...

That's awesome…that would be a neat place to visit.

And that Lego model? Craziness.

Cora said...

Ooooooooh, your Water Tower pictures are beautiful! The Lego one reminds me of Elf. (Hee hee.)

Anonymous said...

I definitely like the Magritte. The Breton is good, too. A little pensive. (as opposed to The Penseive.)

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm a Van Gogh girl. Don't have a favorite, I love 'em all. There's a building on the Venice boardwalk that has (or had, it's been a while) 'Starry Night' painted on the side. It's pretty cool.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Those were impressive. I like Wednesdays choice too. It reminds me of The Color Purple.