Mickey Mousing Around For Thanksgiving – Part 3

Black Friday in Disneyland. Same approach as for the shoppers at the mall: get there early. We were at the gates when they opened, and made a beeline to New Orleans Square and the Haunted Mansion. The place was deader than the graveyard out front. We had our own "stretching room" elevator ride down to the doom buggies. After we left the ride, it was so empty that we rode it again.


It was then off to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, which was also pretty empty.

We met up with the half of Cora's family that wasn't sick and had a late breakfast and then went off to have our silhouettes cut.  It's one of their family traditions.  And it turns out,the lady who did the cutting (but not the strutting.  She's no Brutus the Barber Beefcake) remembered doing Cora's silhouettes twice before, and Cora remembered her, too.


While everyone else headed for Autotopia, Cora's mom and I found a shaded bench at one of the Disneyland railroad stations to sit a spell and watch the cars and trains go by.  (And watch strollers and bags and stuff).


Disneyland_03_03The 16 year old Daughter behind the wheel, motoring along with ease. Disneyland_03_05The Wife, letting the 5 year old Niece take the wheel.
Disneyland_03_04The 8 year old Nephew trying to figure out how to pass. Disneyland_03_07And the 2 year old, driving Ms. Daisy (the sister-in-law).

Cora's Mom ran all the silhouettes back to her room while the rest of us took off for some more California Adventure adventure.  Time passed. Lunch came and went, and so did Phineas and Ferb in their tricked out rig.


And Cora and I ditched the daughter with her sister and them, and borrowing her brother's car, we took off on important business.

Bloggy business.

Since we were in LA, we went to see "She Who Shall Not Be Named (Due to Privacy Concerns)".  It was a fair drive from Disneyland to SWSNBN(DTOC)'s house, but traffic was nothing, and our GPS lead us right there.  It was great meeting her, and see where she lived.  We met her mom, talked a lot, ate Chinese food, saw her scrapbook from back when she was young and famous, and even helped her identify one of the people in one of the pictures with her, thanks to Facebook.


(FYI – It was Mark Slade from The High Chapperal)

What we didn't do was take a whole lot of pictures.  (Boggling, I know.)

Here is one that we took, however.


We got back to Disneyland and met up with the family over at California Adventure.



This was their last day in the park, so we stayed a while and road some rides, including Splash Water Falls (see comments below), and saw the fireworks again.  We then had to say good-bye to the Sister-in-Law and the kids.


The Daughter and Cora then went, exhausted, back to the room, while I picked up our copy of the silhouettes from here mom.  The hotels were only about a half mile apart, but when I got to ours, I could tell we were all shot, but getting ready for our final day at the parks.

What's up with Splash Mountain, anyway?  Disney seems to want pretend that "Song of the South" doesn't exist, yet they still have a whole ride based on a movie they will never let out of the vault again?  And not only that, Brer Fox and Brer Bear characters were even running around.  Like the kids even know who these two are.  Do us a favor, Disney, either re-theme the ride to "Pocahontas" or "The Princess and the Frog" or something more modern, or remake "Song of the South" and make it non-offensive.


Cora said...

I actually wouldn't be surprised if they did remake Song of the South at some point to make it politically correct. That's not a bad idea.

So. Cal. Gal said...

That last pic, of Thing 3, is awesome! She's too stinkin' cute!

And Splash Mountain is related to Song of the South? I've never ridden it (back issues) but I never heard that before. Or the song, for the song for that matter, but I'm Googling it, now that you mention it.

Scope said...

Cora - Like we talked about, it just seems so out-of-place.

So. Cal. Have a Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day!

SkylersDad said...

Love that picture of the blogger meeting almost as much as I love the other version that didn't make the cut! ;^)

J.J. in L.A. said...

That bloggy friend of yours is absolutely stunning! ; ) And you're a genious when it comes to solving brain-numbing questions!