Easter-EggSo, while having an Easter egg hunt around the house yesterday (we will be out of town on Easter Sunday), an egg was found, hidden behind a picture frame.

Neither Cora or I hid an egg back there…


Yes, that's right, an Easter egg filled with candy has been hiding in the house for  whole year!

Does that speak more to our awesome egg hiding skills or our lack of dusting skills?

We always find a Christmas ornament sometime after we've put all the boxes in storage (this year is was a flashing Rudolph nose that I put on a glass head on my desk), so I think this is really part of that tradition.

What do you think?

Has this ever happened to you?


Padded Cell Princess said...

Yikes! One time, when all of my cousins were grown up (so not long ago), my dad decided to hide eggs in my Granny's backyard like the good old days. We found them all...and one from when we must have been kids!! It was pretty nasty and had dirt in it so none of us braved the candy!

Cora said...

I've only ever had that happen outside before now. In both cases, I'm SHOCKED that no-one found the egg for a whole year. Just weird, weird, WEIRD.

Cora said...

And, for the record, I've dusted the picture frame numerous (well, okay, a few) times in the past year. Just not behind it apparently. In fact, I just dusted the frame on Friday while getting ready for Easter!

Dr Zibbs said...

Try pineapples.