What the… WHAT!?!

So, Friday night, I was out on my typical Friday night date with my best gal, Cora, and we were having a grand old time cruising up and down the lanes.

Of the grocery store.

Getting steamy in frozen foods and comparing the unit price on Kleenex.  Because that's who we are.

At the checkout counter, the clerk rang up our purchase of like, $160.00 in groceries and I swiped the credit card I always use, and…


What?  I've never had my card rejected before.  Swipe again.  Same thing.

So, I pulls out me debit card which I only use as an ATM card, but the groceries and we head home.

Saturday morning, I called the credit card company to see what was what, and they had flagged some suspicious activity on my card.  $800 at BestBuy.com  A couple hundred at Apple.com.  There were some other on-line shopping, too, but then two that really stood up:  Two dating websites, Zoosk and ChristianMingle.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Someone stole a credit card number and used it to sign up for a Christian dating website.  That's like, begging for the lightening bolt, that is.

Since that is the only credit card I have (Cora has her own), I called my bank to let them know that I would be using my debit card a lot more in the next 7-10 days while I wait for my new card in the mail.  Wouldn't want them thinking that all the new activity on that was fraud and shut me off there, too!

I don't know how they got ahold of my card number.  I haven't done any unusual shopping recently.  Now I need to wait for the new cards, and then hurry up and update all the monthly accounts I have hooked up to my card before I'm late on any of those payments.  And I hope it gets here before we head out on vacation…

I hope whoever it was gets crabs from whoever they scam on the dating sites.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

So the same thing happened to me on Saturday...but American Express declined my charges, then called me immediately. Someone in Orlando charging beauty products at Lush...brilliant because one would think beauty products would not raise a red flag on my credit card.

They put their pimp hand down on all charges immediately. I was then sent a link via text, to view the charges and confirm which ones were mine. I gotta say..Amex was right on top of it even if I wasn't.

It's inconvenient but that's why I view my credit card and bank statements online just about every day.

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Christian Mingle sounds like all types of wrong.

Padded Cell Princess said...

That is horrible that someone stole your information but hilarious that they actually used it for a Christian dating sight! How ironic and messed up is that?!

Scope said...

I just hope they meet someone who will put them on the straight and narrow.

Or goes psycho-stalker on them!

So. Cal. Gal said...

A Home Depot card was sent to me with the name Lanisha (and my correct last name). Someone had used my info to open an account. They had given the thief a temporary card and I got charged several hundred dollars. I called Visa and got everything straightened out. And they sent me a new (acct. #) card. Then I called Home Depot and told them the Lanisha card was fraudulent. Their response? "Don't worry about it. That happens all the time." Whaaaa??? It took me a while to figure out that they were cancelling the account. Why couldn't they have just said that?

Cora said...

Stealing a credit card number to fraudulently pick up Christian babes is totally a smiting offense! He'll get his, don't worry.

As for how it got stolen in the first place, these days thieves probably have ways of scanning the number right out of your pocket as you innocently walk by. There's probably even an app for that.

That Janie Girl said...

I was all feeling sorry for you until I read the crabs remark and now I'm cleaning freaking Dr. Pepper off my screen!

No seriously, that sucks.

Somehow, my business credit card got scammed and they bought all this stuff from Bass Pro and Nordstroms. (neither of which are in my town.) I just wish they'd taken me with them, dammit.

Scope said...

Janie - At least I wished something CURABLE on them, right?

Now if they shopped at Bass Pro and Victoria's Secret, not that would be a weird hunting trip.