Happy Anniversary


So, I haven't been blogging as much these days, but this summer, I totally let two big ones slip by.  I didn't even realize I'd missed it until recently.  The thing is, the kind of bookended my 3rd wedding anniversary, so I totally flaked.

25 years ago, July 1, 1988 – I moved to the Chicago area.

25 years ago, July 5, 1988 – I started my first real job working for Arthur Andersen.

I still remember the move up:

  • Hot as blazes, hauling my stuff up to a 3rd floor walkup.
  • I moved everything up in a pickup truck and hatchback (now it would take 2 moving trucks)
  • I had a 9" color TV, a C-64, a king sized waterbed, and 3 suits.
  • Having to go to the gas station to use the payphone.
  • The radio station, 97X, was doing a stunt called "Topless Weather" from their rooftop ("Tar Beach") with a buxom listener going to the edge of the roof, and reading the weather.

I still remember those first days of work:

  • Hot as blazes, heading downtown in my suit and tie.
  • Living of Patio frozen burritos and Lean Cuisines.
  • Not knowing a soul at the office.
  • Losing my wallet and train pass (link).

Life's really changed tons since those days.  It's seems like yesterday, but it was really half a lifetime ago.  The best part about being that guy at that time?  Those times and those experiences led me to where I am today.  And if I knew then where I'd be now, the then me would be stoked.

And I would tell him to buy Apple stock @ under $10.00 a share.


Cora said...

July '88 I was about to turn 16 and was listening to Depeche Mode, Guns N Roses, and Pseudo Echo on the radio in my bedroom while trying to dodge phone calls from my "friend" (let's call her Trayla Trash) who I couldn't stand, couldn't ever shake off, and who only ever wanted me to get my mom to drive her to the mall so she could "scam on guys". Blah.

I would have been SOOOOOOOO in awe back then to know that my future hubby was rocking the city life way over in Chicago! :-)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me to buy Apple stock at under $10/share while you're there? Well...tell my dad, anyway. My allowance wouldn't cover that kind of investment.

Anonymous said...

Besides, if you go back to when you were in Chicago 25 years ago, you'd only have to go to the North Suburbs to find me. Easy 45 minutes from Soldier Field.

Scope said...

Joshua - I was at the corner of Oakton & Elmhurst at the Mt. Prospect/Des Plaines/Elk Grove Village corner at the time.

Not hard to get there at all.