See You In The Funny Pages

No, I'm not closing down the blog.  I'm just going to tell you about two comic strips that I've stumbled across recently that may bring a smile to your face and a little laughter to your sick, twisted, demented heart.

Coincidentally, they both reuse artwork.

The first one is called Last Kiss.  John Lustig, a former comic book writer for Disney, bought the rights to some old romance comic books, and rewrote the dialog and had them re-colored.  I guess this is what happens you write Donald Duck stories.  After a while, your mind kind of… SNAPS!

Here's a few examples:

last.last120604 last.last120608
last090902 last090911
last090930 last090916
last130927 last090914

The second one is called That Is Priceless (@ Go Comics) / That is Priceless (@ blogspot).  Steve Melcher has won two Emmys for comedy writing.  He's taken some great masterworks, and retitled them for the modern day.

This-Is-Priceless-Death This-Is-Priceless-Tide
These two were Cora's favorites.
This-Is-Priceless-Cliff This-Is-Priceless-Medussa
This-Is-Priceless-Dogsled This-Is-Priceless-Depp
This-Is-Priceless-Hair This-Is-Priceless-Gordita

See, recycling isn't just for those damn dirty hippies.


Cora said...

Those are pretty hilarious!

SkylersDad said...


Anonymous said...

Most excellent.

Chris said...


Scope said...

Cora - I thought you would like the redone romance comic ones. Just snarky enough. Yeah, and I did decide to start publishing in 12 pt. font up from 10 to make it easier to read.

Skydad - Was thinking about you when I ran across these sites.

Joshua - Before I started blogging, I was reading about 40 comics a morning. Since the blogging is slowing down, I may start looking at adding some comics back into my life.

Chris - Glad you stopped by.