Cyber-Monday – Gone Fishing

Welcome to Cyber Monday, the place where old bloggers rediscover their mojo, if at least for a day.


My story for the day:

Over Thanksgiving, I was talking to my mom & dad.  Apparently, one of my mom's uncles wrote a book recently about fly fishing.  We are NOT on the fishing side of the family.  And we laughed at a shorthand version of one of the few times my dad took me fishing.

I was probably 8 – 10, and my dad took me and my sister to the local lake to fish.  Not that anyone was into fishing, but it was the 70's and that's just one of the kind of things that parents did to bond with their kids.

We were casting for blue gill.  The lake (Calhoun) was only just starting it's downward spiral of silting in and mossing over, so it was really a nice day to be out there.  Warm air.  Blue sky.

We were on the bank, in the shade of a big tree tree, and I put my rod back and went to cast.  As I did so, I felt my line snag.  Thinking I snagged a tree branch, I gave my rod a couple quick tugs.

Each punctuated by a yell from my father.

Seems I hadn't snagged a tree branch, but instead had put the hook into my dad's right ear.

I don't exactly remember how the hook got out of my dad's ear, but I do know the following:

  • It wasn't done at a hospital.  Unlike when I got a needle in my little toe.
  • It was the end of that fishing trip.
  • I'm not sure we ever went fishing again.




Cora said...

I notice you told me that story AFTER we took you to the fish farm and not before. Mm-hmm. ;-)

And despite all the WLW/Google-Overlord drama last night, my Cyber Monday post somehow posted just fine anyway. *whew!* Here's my link up:


Scope said...

I might not have mentioned it, but it was seriously on my mind with the little kids and the hooks.

LegalMist said...

OK, I'm in for Cyber-Monday. But it wasn't clear whether I was supposed to post my link this week or on your cyber-Monday post from last week. Looks like Cora posted hers here, so I'm joining that bandwagon. After all, Cora's always right, right?

So, here's my link for today:


It's not really about cyber Monday, but it is about the travails of trying to buy cyber-things online.

And Scope, I so agree with you. I love this forum. More than FB, really. But FB is just easier and everyone is there, and so that's what I waste my time on, usually. :) I'm all for trying to revive the blogging heyday, though! You and Cora are a prime example of how blogging really opens the door to get to know people, while FB is more about "look at me, click like please!" It can be fascinating but doesn't usually lend itself to the same level of personal interaction that blogging does.

Happy Holidays to you and Cora!


Kelly Wolfe said...

All posted!! here is the link!


I seriously need to start blogging again on a regular basis!

Shana M said...

Check out my blood!


I still write on my blog a lot- just not as much!!!

Shana M said...

I didn't mean blood! Hahaha

words...words...words... said...

Hi Scope! Thanks again for putting this together. It's great.

Here's my post: http://wordsxthree.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-way-we-were.html

Your post brought back memories for me. When I was little, I went fishing and hooked someone as well. If it makes you feel better, that person was me.

VEG said...

Hahaha, your poor dad!

Damn, I just got your message today and totally missed Cyber Monday. I'm so crap. The one weekend I didn't check my email. Maybe I'll do a late post...Hmmm maybe. Hope you're all well. Going now to check out everyone else's posts! :)

Scope said...

Veggie - That's okay. I really meant to ping people's blogs a little more ahead of time than I did, but time got away from me.

And better late than never on the posting. Like the stores that are extending their Cyber Monday sales all week.