Tech Tuesday–When A Window Closes

So, last Tuesday I was home sick as a dog.  102°+ fever.  Sweating.  Couching.  Runny nose.  The works.

So, of course, I was still working.

Anyway, my laptop decided to try this new trick on me.  Every 30 seconds, just like clock work, all the windows would minimize to the task bar.  They wouldn't close.  Just minimize.

It didn't matter what app: Word.  IE.  Chrome.  All minimized.

It didn't matter if you let the screen be or were typing.  All minimized.

Trying to Google what the F* the problem is?  It would minimize 3 times while trying to type the search terms into the bar while you're trying not to hack up a lung.

So, I tried using the system restore points.  No good.

How can you possibly (app minimizes)…

… use a laptop when every time you (app minimizes)…

… try typing something it seems like your (app minimizes)…

… computer is performing some sick torture on your (app minimizes)…

… already tortured being.

I fired off Norton to see what it would tell me, and it reported an error.  So, I went to the Norton site, entered the error code, and started a chat with "Team India".  The guy on the other end was oddly helpful.

I have Comcast internet, and it appears that somehow they had given me an app called "Fast Connect", and it was seriously messing with things.  We uninstalled that, uninstalled Norton, reinstalled Norton, and then re-downloaded all the security updates.

And now, all my windows say open.

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Cora said...

Yeah, and since then I keep getting pop ups asking me if I want to download Fast Connect. Ha! No. No, I do not.