Urban Pie–Going Green

The other night, Cora and I were out getting groceries, and it was late.  Getting toward 9:00, and we haven't eaten yet.  Nothing in the deli looked good.  I didn't want to swing by Popeye's after what had happened 2 weeks earlier.  (Ask Cora.)

We wanted to get a "take & bake" pizza, but they didn't seem to have any, so we went back to the pizza section and were looking around for something a little nicer than the Jack's/Tombstone we usually get.

And we wanted to get something not too spicy.  It was getting late, after all.

We decided to take a leap and bought an Urban Pie Pizza.  We got the pesto & fresh mozzarella pizza with the cherry tomato slices.

Little Italy Pizza Slice

Wow.  Cooked up crisp.  Basically, a pizza margherita, but with pesto instead of basil leaves.  And it's a good call.  The garlic in the pesto adds a level of depth that I always look for but often miss when eating a margherita.  It could have used a little more mozzarella, but that's a little bit of a quibble for a $7 frozen pizza.

Cora liked it too.  Said it was hard to believe that this was a frozen pizza.  It reminded me of a flatbread appetizer you would find out at a decent restaurant.

We will definitely be adding this to our occasional purchase list.  Next time we may add some of those Tyson frozen pre-cooked chicken to it.

And I think we will be trying their chicken sausage and yellow pepper pie, too.

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VEG said...

They're paying you to say this, admit it! :)

Thanks for making me hungry also. And thirdly, pesto should be mandatory on any pizza. As should green olives and pineapple.

You heard me.