Nothing subliminal here, move along.I was tagged with this AWESOME meme by the most AWESOME blogger, CORA.  I need to come up with seven AWESOME things about me, and then tag seven deserving bloggers, so that they can do the same.  As a smart man, I always do try and do what my girlfriend says.

But I need to put that special "Scope Spin" to the whole thing.  That's when I realized that AWESOME was a seven letter word.  And with that thought, I give you:


A – Artistic Eye – I might not have any real artistic ability, but I do have an artistic eye, and try to make things esthetically appealing.  I even correctly tab and align my toss away code at work.  I would have been an architectural engineer, if I hadn't turned to computer science.

W – Wisdom – Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom.  I have the ability to manipulate data into information, twist information into knowledge, and glean wisdom from knowledge.  That's my job.

E – Eric – The "Eric" personality is deep, caring, true friend.  Sensitive, quiet, and concerned what other think.  Doesn't mind finishing second.  You get to see him around here some, but he's much more visible in person.

S – Scope – The "Scope" personality is the cut up, the jokester, the one that loves a horrible pun or play on words.  Scope is also a MONSTER flirt.  He's the guy that comes out to play on-line, here and in Facebook most often.

O – Odd – I was going to go with "Original" but I think "Odd" suits me better.  I've always been a bit, "off the bubble" and have seen things from a different point of view.  My willingness to embrace my "odd" without going completely over to the "eccentric / weirdo" side (the difference between an "eccentric" and a "weirdo" is how much money they have), I think, is why I am where I am today.

M – Monetary Mentality – I'm not overly driven by money.  Sure I like money, but I make about enough, honestly.  I can do what I want, within reason, have a home, and feel fairly secure.  Money is just a tool.  Not an ends.  I'm sure if I were making 50% of what I do, I would sing a different song, but not entirely.  I was unemployed for a year, and still didn't care enough to eBay my comic book collection.

E – Easy Going – For the most part, I'm Mr. Calm and Mellow.  I try not to let things rile me, but look for the logical and practical solution to the problem at hand.  Being the calming influence is a tumultuous situation can be difficult, but I'm not "the Easy E" because I put out on the first date.

Well, that's seven, and now for the tags…  I tag you, and you.  And you, the lurker from that one place.  That's three.  Oh, and you and your blog buddy, you.  Oh, and how could I forget to try to lure the lapsed bloggers of you and you.

(Note, the above aren't actually links.  I'm just funning.  Take the meme if you think you're awesome.)


wigsf said...

Oh, I'm taking this meme because I'm awesome.

And I've got nothing else to blog about this morning.

And that little girl is going to be very popular with the fellas when she grows up.

Cora said...

LOL @ wigsf - yes, that's one mighty talented little lass there! Hee hee hee.


Great list and all spot on too.

Scope IS a MONSTER flirt - Scope is the one who lured me in, but it's definitely Eric that sealed the deal and keeps me happily and hungrily coming back for more!

See you TOMORROW, Eric and Scope!!!! :-)

Cora said...

Btw, I do have a small question for you about "Easy E" and not putting out on the first date, but I'll ask you that in private.


Bev said...

You sound... like me! Minus the whole computer science thing. No wonder I like ya. (not in that way... no worries to the lovely Cora)

Thx for the meme. Maybe I'll use it if I draw a blank this week, as I often do by Thurs. or so!

Del Rio said...

What lurker from what place? ;-)

SkylersDad said...

Cool Meme, I might file that away for later when I have more time!

Sassy Britches said...

I love that, as I said at Cora's place, these are all things that are readily avaialble to see the minute one meets you!

P.S. I started this one last night, but I'm so glad I didn't do it because it would have paled in comparison. :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

My 'w' would be weird, not wisdom. I should have mine out on Monday but I'm doing things differently...with pictures.

Soda and Candy said...

Hey, good contribution. I really like when people twist memes to their own purposes.

I'm glad you make enough to buy all those plane tickets for you & Cora.

: )

Anonymous said...

You're definetly awesome. ;)

Scope said...

Cora, please go back and read the sentence again:

"but I'm not "the Easy E" because I put out on the first date."

That doesn't mean I DON'T put out on the first date, but instead putting out on the first date is not why I'm called "the Easy E".

See what I did there? ;-)

Morgan the Muse said...

well, I do not think I am awesome, I know I am, but I think I will skip again. But it is interesting to see how it progressed from one person to the next to the next...