Running Theme?

You know, I didn't realize that the last two posts had a bit of a  theme.  I wrote the one about Rhonda while I was in Seattle visiting Cora, because that story had popped into my head as blog fodder a few times, but I'd never captured it.  Then it sat in "draft" for almost two weeks.

Then, about a week ago, I screenshotted the Hot Topic one while at work, and emailed it off to myself.  I then promptly forgot it.  I remembered it as I was trying to clean out my email.


And Cora, NO IDEAS.  If the situation ever arises, just buy a gun and shoot me like a rational crazy woman, okay?  ;-)

Don't Mess With Texas Women

Note 1:  A Google image search on "crazy woman" would not be safe for work.

Note 2: Check out THIS BLOG by Jared Davis, for an awesome picture entitled "a woman scorned."  I didn't feel right about lifting the image from the artist's blog. But oddly, I had no such issue lifting the picture above from a Texas handgun training site.  Maybe because I also saw the photo below on a self defense blog.

Green with Envy?


Cora said...

Please. I could never shoot you. Or pour boiling water on you. Or superglue your fun bits. Or anything like that. I don't do violent things, Scope.


I get my revenge in much more entertaining (and legal) ways - like years and years of emotional torture. Just look at my ex-husband! THAT is what I can reduce a man to should he cross me! Not pretty, is it? Hell no! Frankly I think there are days that guy WISHES to be shot. Heh heh heh.

Just stay on my good side, Scope, and you'll be fine.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Talk about not being safe at work, try a Google image search for 'Cora' like I did when I subbed for her.

My eyes! My EYES!