I know what you're thinking, "Scope, the blog looks great. What are you talking about, 'EPIC FAIL'?"

Well, let me tell you a story.

I've been thinking about redoing the blog layout / template for a while. The biggest issue I had with it is that the main body of the blog was too small. At only about 400 pixels wide, I felt that I was having to shrink a lot of pictures down a little more than I wanted to make them fit. And coming up VERY soon, I will be posting a 'shit-tonne' of pictures. (It's a technical term. A 'shit-tonne' is a metric unit equal to 1000 kiloshits. It is roughly 10% greater than a standard U.S. 'shit-ton'. SCOPE-TECH – 10% bonus shit!) And, I wanted to get rid of the rounded box behind my header graphic, because I was always overlapping the stupid thing and it was pissing me off.

Also, enter a new phase in my life, why not throw a new coat of paint on the old site while I'm at it, right?

So, Friday night, I take the blog private, and redo the template with some snazzy ones Blogger is offering now. But, being smarter than the average bear (but within one standard deviation of the mean, I ain't not URSA GENIUS or anything) I took a back up of my current template, just in case things went 'tits-up' (it's a technical term).

Things went tits-up.

Things went Dolly Parton-esque TITS-UP!

Everything is looking good, Saturday, I decide to do the final step, and download my new design into Windows Live Writer (WLW) so that I can do the WYSIWYG (it's a technical term) editing that I have grown fond of. As I'm sure you've noticed, I tend to have a lot of graphics, and layout is somewhat important to me. So, I click to "Refresh Theme" button and…


I fought and struggled and struggled and fought for about an hour and a half. No luck.

So, in shame, I restored the old template from the backup, re-installed WLW, and went to download my original template BACK into WLW.

Oh sweet biscuits, it did so NOT just do this to me. Now I've lost all my changes, because I forgot the backup this time! :-(, and WLW was still making me type in the "no template" state. My degree of "Anti-Happy" is astonishing. Well, since WLW is as fucked as a 'football bat' (it's a technical term), might as well redo all the changes, so that at least the blog looks nice for you people. And then I found on a support blog site that I am not the only person in this boat. WLW may be on the case. We'll see. Hopefully they don't pull some, "You need to upgrade to Windows 7" line of 'mumbo jumbo' (it's a technical term).

So, the blog is back up, but I feel like I'm publishing a little blind here, so forgive me if things look a little off while I sort through this mess.

Now, off to clean the bathroom. I can't see what could possibly go wrong with that.


Scope said...

And want to hear the pisser?

The instant I made my blog "Public" I could down load the theme into Windows Live Writer!

It's one of those days!

Soda and Candy said...

You ain't not a genius? I'm so confused!

The blog looks good to me though (trust me, I'm a design professional)!
: )

J.J. said...

A man's bathroom??? Plenty can go wrong. I'm not easily disgusted but... ; )

But the blog looks great!!! Love the color combo. New lives, new blogs. Awesome!

Vodka Mom said...

omg I thought perhaps you had BLOCKED ME.

I was ready to strap on the gloves.

Vodka Mom said...

i am as nervous as can be. WOn't you be surprised when I jump in the bridesmaid line with my navy blue bridesmaid gown and silk magenta flowers.

Don't tell Cora. We'll surprise her.

Cora said...

*pointing at Vodka Mom* I'm onto you, missy!


Cora said...

I was almost afraid to click the "tits up" link, Scope. I had a brief flashback to Poobomber's "meat spin" link which I, regrettably, clicked.



So, thank you for not sending me somewhere to see something I 'll forever wish I could bleach from my brain.

SkylersDad said...

This looks great Scope! I came for the bigger graphics, but you had me at 10% bonus shit!!

SkylersDad said...

Oh and temporary post for theme detection sighted off the port bow sir! Request permission to engage with main battery?

JenJen said...

yeah I couldn't read past "tits up" because I was trying to figure out the techhy speak and then, well, I landed tits up.

Scope said...

- Soda and Candy: Thanks. I based it on one of their templates, but then customized the heck out of it to fit me.

- J.J.: I'm certain most of those molds were mostly harmless.

- Vodka Mom: No, just took things private while I had the car up on the lift. And on the day you linked me! omg I thought perhaps you had BLOCKED ME.

- Cora: And I've got my eye on you too, young lady. But don't worry, I won't do that sneaky surprise on my readers. Well, often.

- SkylersDad: I aim to please. And that temp post was me downloading the template to my netbook.

- JenJen: I would make a comment about not know if you being "tits up" was a good thing or a bad thing, but I am a soon-to-be-married man. Sorry.

altadel said...

North of the 49th parallel that measure is known as a "metric assload".