Wednesday Morning Latin Lesson

I figure since I'm modeling my whole life after the Great Mr. Jenks (same birthday, marrying a hot red-head, did a post on blowing stuff up, etc.) I might as well continue my S.W.F. string, and give all ya'll a little Latin lesson, too.

The other day at work, I was trying determine the proper physical office to assign people, based on where they lived. I know, terribly exciting, but part of my job is cleaning up other people's garbage. In doing so, I ran across the country abbreviation 'CHE'. "Wow! That's a big honor for that guy from all those T-Shirts, " I thought.

Then I did what we always do when we have a question: Ask the Google gods.


Turns out, 'CHE' is the ISO country code for Switzerland. I know, go figure. And 'no' it doesn't stand for 'CHEese', either. Turns out, their official country name is the Swiss Confederation or Confœderatio Helvetica in Latin. Hence 'CHE'.

And I thought, "Damn, those people are PASSIONATE about their fonts."

Yeah, I'm special that way.

The type font of this blog post is NOT Helvetica. It is 'Arial', Helvetica's slutty sister. Normally I use 'Trebuchet MS', although in my personal life, I have started using 'Century Gothic' a lot more, because in theory it saves about 30% on ink.

Hey, the blog is called 'SCOPE-TECH' after all.


Cora said...

I'm sorry. I tried to focus on what you were saying here. Really, I did. But that Final Countdown Clock kept distracting me. 17 days????

*fanning self with hand*

MJenks said...


The Ex...her name was Arial. Minus the l.

So, I guess there's one more connection, in that we like to have Arial at our fingertips...

Soda and Candy said...

There are simply not enough font jokes in the blogosphere!
; )

SkylersDad said...

I prefer my Arial's a little more naughty:

Scope said...

Cora - No. It says 16:19:12:00. Hope that helps.

MJenks - And we probably both want to punch Vincent Connare, creator of 'Comic Sans" in the junk.

Soda and Candy - It is amazing how passionate people are about their fonts. Should I have written the post in Times New Roman instead? (A font I cannot stand, FYI)

SkyDad - Well played, my good Sir.

Vodka Mom said...


Are you getting MARRIED??????